South Korea and women's golf

From this weekend’s LPGA tournament -

Jeong Jang (Winner)
Mi Hyun Kim (5)
Gloria Hee Jung Park (T6)
Seon Hwa Lee (T10)
Hee-Won Han (T10)
Shi Hyun Ahn (T17)
Young Jo (T22)
Sun Young Yoo (T22)
Yu Ping Lin
Se Ri Pak
Sung Ah Yim
Young Kim
Il Mi Chung
Jee Young Lee
Kyeong Bae
Christina Kim
Joo Mi Kim
Soo Young Moon

That’s 18 of the 72 players who finished the tournament from a country with 1/6th the population of the US. The remaining 54 players come from a host of countries, off the top of my head are Japan, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and a bunch of European countries.

The strange thing is that 10 years ago there were few if any Koreans playing. Also odd is that as far as I know, there is only one Korean playing at a high level on the men’s tour.

What are they doing over there to develop so many top level female players so quickly?

Well, my gut reaction was “they blew up all the tennis courts.” But googling “tennis courts in korea” brought up this page, which mentions: