Do you combine breakfast cereals? What's your favorite mix?

Maybe you’ve got a couple of almost empty boxes of cereal. Do you dump them all into a single bowl to use them up? Or maybe there are other cereals you like to add together for whatever reason. What are they?

I like Quaker Oat Squares (or the store brand equivalent) but a whole bowl is too much sugar for me. So I’ll do about 1/3 bowl of oat squares and top it off with Cheerios.

Lately I’ve been adding some store brand Meusli into the mix.

Sometimes I’ll mix Cheerios with bran flakes, corn flakes, and/or rice krispies.

What about you?

Never. My cereals remain pure.

Typical weekday breakfast is a bowl of:

I would do all the ones you mentioned, if I had the component parts in the house.

I also like the sweeter shredded wheat types halfsies with less sweet ones. Kasha’s are great any which way.

Cheerios (the less sweet ones) are a great mixer-as are grape nuts. I love muesli added to just about anything, after picking out the raisins that is.

Sometimes I’ll mix Cheerios with bran flakes, corn flakes, and/or rice krispies.

You either need more therapy, or less, I can’t tell which at this point.

I’m horrified by the thought. I didn’t think it could even be done. I just can’t read any more of this thread… the horror… the horror…

TriPolar wins the thread for best post/avatar combo!

I just had “cereal salad” last weekend - first time in probably 45 years. Granola (2 types) raw Quaker Oats, Cheerios, and of course fruit and nuts

When I was a kid this was a favorite option. My mom only allowed us “sugar” (Count Chocula, etc.) cereal once a year - we got to choose a box on our birthday. But for some reason, she allowed us to have Life. The last bits of a box of Life are really sweet and an excellent base for a cereal salad.

Mixing cereals doesn’t horrify me but I don’t think I’ve ever even considered it as an option. Even when there’s only half a bowl’s worth left in the box, it just means I need to buy a new box of the same thing to finish it off. Kellogg’s has trained me to be a perpetual consumer.

I ran into a childhood friend the other day and he asked “Are you still a cerealivore?”

Why yes I am. Even cutting down on carbs, I still have to have a bowl of cereal every morning. I at least do whole-grains, like mini-wheats (more whole wheat than Grape-Nuts), or Wheetabix. And if the ennui of that threatening to send me over the edge, I’ll sprinkle in a few Strawberry mini-wheats.

I was getting really depressed for a while there, so I now keep a Snack Pack of eight “sugary” cereals in the back of the pantry for emergencies.

My kids knew that when the lockdown was about to start, their mom would stock up on cleaning supplies, and I’d make one last big run to the store just to fill up a cart with cereal.

All that is to let you know that I take The One True Food seriously, and I for one would never combine completely different cereals. The biggest problem would be the differing rate of soggy-nization. Imagine a layer of Corn Flakes getting immediately flaccid, while the layer of Grape-Nuts need a few more minutes to be edible.

And combining SHAPES, too? The right rectangular prism* and the toroid are natural enemies!

*I’m ignoring the “pillow-like” edges, which could make it a type of orthobicupola…

Does mixing Chocolate Chex with Peanutbutter Chex, Peanutbutter is two words, doesn’t anybody proofread these posts before submitting them, why yes I did just bingewatch Bojack Horseman, er…what was I talking about?

Oh, right…does mixing Chocolate Chex with Peanut Butter Chex count? What if I throw in Vanilla or Blueberry? Okay, if Blueberry is there, it’s with Vanilla and maybe Chocolate as well, but no Peanut Butter.

We call those “dessert cereals”.

I commonly mix in a muesli type cereal with a base cereal to give it some variety. Otherwise, it’s a mix of whatever two happen to be open. We don’t go much for dessert cereals, so it’s unlikely I’m going to mix Cap’n Crunch with Cheerios, they all tend to be moderately sweet vaguely healthy cereals.

Almost never, only when I’m at the end of one box and don’t have another box of the same on hand to complete it with. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for one cereal; sometimes for another.

I eat Kleenex for breakfast, and I dry my tears with Weetabix.

Ever tried one of these?

i wasn’t allowed much sugar as a kid due to what would be called ADHD and other things … back then you were just “hyper”

But one thing was for breakfast i’d get a bowl of cheerios or cornflakes that was 3/4 full with a cereal we liked like froot loops and the like

the only exception was life cereal … not many people knew the sugar was inside until the commercials mentioned it… dang it now I want a bowl of cinnamon life …

Well, then, I’m glad we had this little talk.

Yup, right now I have a container with Shredded Wheat (no sugar), Total cereal and trail mix which contains walnuts, pecans, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. I added some cashews to that also.

I don’t add liquid to this. I eat it dry, so it’s more like trail mix with cereal in it than breakfast cereal, I guess. But I do eat it for breakfast.

Cap’N Crunch mixed with Cap’N Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch is amazing.

First of all, I share TriPolar’s horror at these monstrous cereal choices.
Second, I see it’s TriPolar’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday dude!
Third, TriPolar, what combinations of birthday cake do you prefer? Chocolate and vanilla? Sponge and pound?
Since @Shoeless started the thread, I nominate him to be in charge of the cake.

Wow, I haven’t had Wheetabix in years. My mom was born and raised in England, so this brings back childhood memories of visits to my grandparents’ home.