Do you combine breakfast cereals? What's your favorite mix?

Why dont we have those here in ca? I think they could have a franchise oppertunity …

Multi-generational cereal mixer here! A family tradition (I’m at least 4th gen of the tradition!) … you don’t ever have just one … everyone gets to mix their own!

My standard mix I make up weekly or so:
Swiss muesli
Rolled oats
Flakes of some sort
Puffed corn
Wheat germ
Cinnamon (freshly ground)
Lumps of some sort (granola or mini wheatbix)

Then topped with fresh fruit!

My daily addiction!! Can’t start the day without cereal (have very serious sulks if taken out for breakfast and there is no granola/ muesli/ porridge on the menu!). My pantry was designed to accomodate the variety of boxes!

I find most cereals too sweet … so adding plain oats and wheat germ make them edible!

Will mix any cereal - but interestingly if I have cereal for “dessert”, then I only have one type?!!