Do you consider e-cig users smokers?

Contributing to the many e-cig threads we have now, I was wondering something. I’ve read about many people who say they’re former smokers, who now use only e-cigs. So, I’m asking all of you (smokers, e-cig users, nonsmokers, everyone), do you still consider e-cig users smokers? Why or why not?

I was considering posting a poll, but I suppose some of you may have more complex answers than could be chosen in a poll.

No, I don’t.

Well, nicotine is going into the bloodstream, from superheated tablets of tobacco, so… Kinda, yes.

No, because you must have smoke to be a ‘smoker’. E-cigs only have vapor.


Nah. I’m an ex-smoker and/or vaper.


How about candy cigarettes? :wink:

Can you please explain where the ‘tobacco’ is in the e-juice?

From Wikipedia

Hell, in Canada you can’t even get e-juice with nicotine in it.

No, because there’s no smoke.

And often no nicotine…but even if there were nicotine, I wouldn’t consider it smoking…if I made tobacco tea and drank it (don’t do this) would it be smoking?

It doesn’t matter what I think they’re called, but I think there must be some clear was for medical professionals to ask patients whether or not they’re habitual inhalers of nicotine.

People who chew tobacco and people who use snuff or smokeless tobacco suffer tobacco-related problems even though they don’t smoke.

Nicotine, all by itself without smoke, is a highly addictive stimulant.

If your doctor asks if you smoke, you’d damned well better mention your nicotine habit, no matter what you feel like calling it.

I mostly care about the smoker-nonsmoker dichotomy because I find smoking to be noxious. I do not have enough experience with users of e-cigs to know whether they are noxious. Thus, I don’t really know whether I would consider e-cig users to be smokers.

Doctors have always asked me if I “use nicotine.” I assume if the answer was yes, there would be follow-up questions.

I haven’t really thought about whether I consider it smoking. Haven’t encountered vaping much. I guess I don’t, none of the awfulness of smoking applies to vaping.

I was at my doctor’s office yesterday for a routine check. The nurse checking my recent history before the doctor came in asked, “No smoking?”

As a former smoker who occasionally vapes and uses other tobacco products, yes, I consider one who vapes a “smoker.” My insurance specifically asks for tobacco/nicotine use, so even though I don’t “smoke” in the conventional sense, I do have to answer “yes” for the few times a year I do use tobacco products.

I know a lot of people who use e-cigs.

I don’t consider it smoking and I’m glad they switched to e-cigs.
I think they do look a little silly though I’m not sure why.

'Cause they look like steampunk pacifiers? :smiley:

I consider them smokers if they’re using e-cig (with nicotine or without) to get rid of a smoking habbit, non-smokers if they got rid of the smoking habbit (and use liquid without nicotine).

FTR, I smoke both cigs and e-cigs.

That’s one way of putting it LOL

Yes, because I assume anyone using an e-cig to be either using one because they are in a no smoking area or they are trying to give up. I think you can call yourself an ex smoker when you no longer need a nicotine replacement to avoid having a cigarette.