Do you deserve what you have?

Your job, family, kids, fortune or lack thereof - do you deserve it?

Am I (or others) supposed to swoop in and point out that people with poor socioeconomic standing don’t deserve their stations in life? Because if so, this sounds like flamebait. If not, I don’t really understand your point.

What is the point of this thread? OP is awfully short.

Yes. I’m still waiting for that billion dollar check that I deserve to come in the mail but until then I’m good.

No political commentary is necessary. The poll is about you, not poor people. How do you feel about what you have in your life? If you’re poor and you think you shouldn’t be, then vote “No, my life should better.”

Not only do I deserve everything I have, I deserve quite a bit that I don’t have as well. :cool:

I feel like this was a poll here pretty recently.

My answer is no, I am doing much better than I deserve.

ETA: Although I hesitate to say it “should be” worse. Who’s to judge? I just don’t feel like I’m necessarily entitled to all the blessings I have (job, family, etc).

Where I am currently in life is a combination of luck (aka the consequences of other peoples’ actions) and the consequences of my own actions. I’ve never been seriously robbed or cheated, which are the only kinds of circumstances I can think of where I would feel I “deserve” more possessions than I have. As for my personal relationships, I think I’m pretty lucky, but I’m also a pretty nice guy, so it’s kind of a wash.

We all deserve death, which we all get in the end. Anything other than that is what you earn.

What you earn or what comes at you from your blind side. Shit does happen.

I’m confused about the last option, since I don’t see how it’s mutually exclusive with the other options. I may not have what I deserve, but “deserve” really has nothing to do with it. I won’t get something just because I deserve it. I won’t avoid something just because I don’t deserve it. That’s not how reality works.

Also, earn, deserve, largely the same AFAIC. If I work hard I deserve to be rewarded commensurate with my efforts – I have earned it. That’s not usually how life works, though.

Said it before, sayin’ it again. I worked hard for what I have, and I’m finally enjoying the fruits of my labor. What’s more, anyone can do what I did. So yeah, I deserve it. I deserve it all.

I voted for the fourth choice though I wouldn’t use the word awesome. I’d say that my life is a good one.

I’ve had some pretty low lows and some years that were nearly perfect, just like most people. During the tough times I’ve worked harder and kept the faith so I see no reason not to feel as though I deserve the good things that I have in life.

I can also understand the viewpoint that some people have that what happens to us is just fate. But that would rob me of some of the satisfaction I can feel when I make good choices and things work out. Because I honestly believe that it isn’t what you own or what happens to you in life that makes it miserable or enjoyable but rather the attitude you take about it all.

Like Snoop in The Wire, I believe “deserve ain’t got nothin’ to do with it”.

I’ve got a US passport and get paid in currency that is accepted everywhere. I can go pretty much anywhere I want. English will get my anywhere, and everyone wants to learn my language.

Much of the world is walking around with passports that would get them laughed out of the consulate, money that is essentially unexchangeable, and a language that is useless outside their immediate area.

Our passport alone means Americans are born with something more precious than gold, and that no amount of money can buy. We won the lottery of life, and live among the privileged elites.

Hell no. I’ve been very, very lucky.

I’ll echo even sven’s post and add a bit more. I’m Danish so apart from a “good” passport, I have access to free education, health care, etc. So much for luck. OTOH there are a few aspects of my life which I hope I have had some influence on, such as having a wonderful family and a huge student loan :). I have a great job, too, which I know they gave me because of some very specific interests I have nursed on my own.

So: a bit of both (but I opted for “awesome as it should be”, mostly because I’m doing pretty well regardless of whether I deserve everything I’ve got.)

I do a lot of things for people for free. Sometimes it’s entirely altruistic, but occasionally it’s in the hope of it leading to some level of return. However, it almost never does lead to that.

My life has generally been pretty decent, but it seems to me that I should have had more opportunities and luck than I’ve ended up with.

What are the criteria for “deserving” something? Is it an objective measure or a comparative one? I can’t begin to answer the question without knowing that.

I went with the last answer since non of the others really met my situation. In some ways, my life is great. In others, it sucks. I have (relatively) lots of disposable income because I have no one else to spend it on or with. Likewise, I have a great deal of freedom outside of work because there’s no social life making demands on my time.

In the words of Marcus Cole: I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?’ So now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.