Just wondering....

Why would ANYONE in the “bottom 99%” advocate for that percentage of people who hold the most wealth, Globally?

Do the “Tea Party(ers)” and Republican voters really, truly believe that “ONE DAY” they will ‘make it’ into that glorified stratsophere and therefore must hold fast against the day THEIR taxes will be raised?

Silly people.

The ‘Elite’ in Saudi Arabia or the UK or Spain or Africa or Sweden - have more in common with one another than any of the folks over whom their governments or geographical boundaries have control.

The “Masses” (whoooo hoooo, be afraid, be VERY afraid of Socialism or Unions) exist. They exist. And they work. Every day.

From school janitors to ditch diggers to garbage collectors to firemen (women) and Police Officers…all go to work, every day, deal with their governments, punch their “time clocks,” go home to their families, read their newspapers and…scratch their heads.

In every corner of the globe.

What makes them ‘less than’ these collosal TURDS that make the ‘RULES’ for the world?

What makes the George Bushes and the ‘Body Politic’ of the “Democrats” and “Repulicans” (in the United States) BELIEVE that they are more ‘entitled’ or ‘deserving’ of steering the economic lives of the rest of us in accordance with THEIR determinations of life, wars, economies and social requirements?

Agreement with one another I suspect.

Because THEY have the money (or access to it); THEY have the power of the Militias THEY fund and the Billionaires of the World who pull the strings.

How very, vedy, ‘quaint’ that ANY one on this planet still gets up every morning and goes to work and agrees to pay taxes to whatever government they live under, all the while having access to the knowledge that it is the Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires of the world who control their ‘fate.’

These multi-millionaires and billionaires have no allegience to anything but their money. Which translates into POWER in whatever Country they live in.

We are all foolish to raise the “American Flag” or the Netherlands neutrality or the Russian race to ‘catch up with’ the Western World’s indifference to anything but MAKING MONEY AND THEREBY GAINING POWER OVER THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.


It’s funny.

It makes me think of a line from a movie: “What if they made a War and nobody came?”

Check it out: Minimum Federal wage - $7.25/hr
Wall Street Guys (some, at least) $5,000/hr (at 168.3/hrs pr. month)

You tell me.

WHAT human being is that much more talented, educated, connected - that THEIR lives command that much more compensation?


You think a janitors life or a garbage collectors life or a McDonald’s employees life or a single mother’s life demands LESS or is EASIER than a Wall Street traders? (Those guys who make four, five and six figures in a single trade?)

BUT when the system is ‘rigged’ and makes perfectly, ARTIFICIAL constructs to value one human’s contribution to society more ‘important’ than another’s - that Society sets itself up for Revolution.

Socialism…aaarrggghh…we’re choking!

If a government takes out the ‘concept’ of envy and jealousy and greed and competition…well, cripe…WHAT will ‘drive’ the populace to produce???

The likes of Shawn (?) Shaun (?) Hannity puts his balls on the line every day for the advocay of wealth and greed and the Power to NUKE detractors into the “Stone Age.”

God help us.

Deja vu all over again. So, LG, the dozens of repeated posts proving conclusively that, if you’re a reasonably comfortable American, YOU are part of this evil 1% have completely failed to penetrate that neutronium shell around your brain, eh?

Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have opened this thread. :smack:

If you want to start threads in GD on each of these topics, you’d be welcome to. That is the correct forum for politicial discsussion. Since a political screed like this would be shut down there for lack of focus, though, I’ll just shut it down here instead of moving it.

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