Do you eat the "good" half first or second?

I always eat the “good” half second – the half of the bagel with the sesame seeds (or whatever) on it, the more interesting of the two slices of pizza when I get two different kinds, the larger half of the sandwich.

How about you?

There’s no bad half of a bagel. However, I do eat the wide end of a wedge of pie first, just in case the crust is disappointing. I don’t want my last memory of a pie to be a so-so crust.

I dive into the middle of a steak or chop first. Then I jump around from end to middle, never finishing with the end, which could be dry.

Good half second. Anticipation is half the fun.

I always save the best for last :smiley:

Another good half second. Yup.

The good half is the reward for eating the not-so-good half, and as such, is eaten last.

If I’m for sure going to eat both halves, good half second.

If there’s a chance I’m going to eat part of it and the rest will go to waste/get thrown away or get eaten later when it’s stale and cold and not nearly as good, though, I might rethink that strategy.

I always leave the best of everything to last. Anticipation of something good prolongs pleasure. I believe that delayed gratification builds intestinal fortitude and builds character. I try to instill this in my daughters, but it’s hard since my wife is just the opposite. I can never share entrees with [del]the ol’ battle ax[/del] my dear wife at restaurants because she eats all the goodies first. Good thing I [del]drew up an airtight pre-nupt.[/del] love her so dearly. :slight_smile:

My sentiments exactly. A first grade friend shared the wisdom of saving the best for last, and it has been my policy ever since.

I started with that when I was a kid. I used to eat any vegetables I didn’t particularly like first and then would settle down to enjoying the now perfect meal.

I only vary this if I don’t think I can eat it all. Then the less wanted stuff is pushed aside as I progress.


I have skimmed briefly, but I think i’m the only best is best first guy.

I don’t know what (if)it means, maybe I’m looking over my shoulder, If we have to scatter, better to have eaten the good part? I don’t know.

It also applies to meals in general, as don’t ask indicated. I still eat all my vegetables first.

:confused: Sure there is, if you cut around the equator.

My appetite is small, so I always eat the good half first. What if I’m full before I get to the good stuff?

This is especially true of a ribeye steak. I know it’s all good, but the part with the streaks of fat in it is the best.

With a bowl of chili, the meat’s gone before the beans. Same with pasta – the meatballs, shrimp, or chicken is eaten before the pasta.

Comes from growing up poor, I think. :slight_smile:

I tend to eat my favorite part last.

With bagels I eat the good half first. I gather whatever crumbs (toasted onion bits, sesame seeds) have fallen off the good half from the wrapping and sprinkle them on the bad half.

I don’t eat anything I don’t like, and I like most vegetables.

I leave the best for last, though I have been known to open the bottle of pop too early in the journey. :wink:

There are also times when the only way is to alternate, namely chocolate fudge cake. I’ll take alternate mouthfuls of dry cake and gooey fudge, to space out the pleasure and minimise the tastebud overload of really rich fudge. Same goes for the crumby base and the creamy cheese in cheese cake.

Are there any cake shops open on Sundays, I wonder. And why aren’t there any drooling smileys?

Best last, always (since I always finish).

Sandwiches, pizzas, pies: crusts first.

Cakes: Icing last.

Eggs: yolk last.

Nectarines are the bane of my life since the sweetest part is usually nearer the skin! :slight_smile:

Most definately second. When I was a kid, you put a piece of cake in front of me and halfway through it’d just be an icing superstructure. Even today, eating a ribeye really is just a progressive removal of lesser pieces until only a final, perfectly moist and tender, large and appropriately seasoned, memorable bite remains.

Maybe for you, dear twickster; but I’m especially fond of bagels, and every crumb is splendid for me. The part without the seeds/onion/whatever is just as perfect as the top. If the baker sprinkles cornmeal on the baking sheet, it might be better. Oh, baby!