Do you save the best for last?

Do you save the best for last? Eat it first? Or do you eat it somewhere in between? :smiley: Arguments I’ve heard are “Eat the best last so it leaves a lasting impression.” Eat the best first, because you may be too full at the end." “Eat the best somewhere in between as a compromise.”

I just finished some sashimi cut from a #2 (not sushi grade) tuna steak. Because it was a steak, I got a cross section of the fish. I started with the small section of fattier meat (possibly the best part), then ate the parts with the connective tissue and worked though the rest from end to end, finishing with a piece in the middle. Not the best, but very satisfying.

Before starting I debated how to tackle it and ended in the order listed above. A different day and the order may have changed. When I eat a beef steak or cut of prime rib, I usually alternate between both ends since they’re the most well done and work my way to wards the middle, leaving that last bite towards the side for the end, a perfect mix of meat and fat.

When I eat fruits, I sometimes stop if I hit that perfect bite or with things like grapes and cherries leave the rest because the last one may be bad.

What’s your methods?

I ALWAYS save the best for last. If I’m eating pizza in two sittings, first I eat a couple of inches of the crust, then the middle for the second sitting. Eating layer cake has become an art form.

I used to always save the best for last. Even when I was a young child, the concept of saving the best for last seems to have come pretty naturally to me.

But I came to learn the pitfalls to that approach. For example, if you save the best for last, someone (or something) else might get to it before you do; or it might not be as fresh; or you might get tired of whatever-it-is by the time you get to Last, and not enjoy it as much as you would have.

I’m still a fan and practitioner of delayed gratification, but I’ve also learned the value of carpe-ing the diem. Nowadays my approach is sometimes to try to sprinkle some of the Best throughout, so that the whole experience becomes as enjoyable as possible.

I eat the red ones last.

I eat all the “plenties,” then the “goods.”


Since I was a kid, I’ve always left the nicest-looking piece of meat for last. My youngest daughter does the same :cool: . If there’s no meat on the menu that day, I don’t care as much.

Yes, I always leave the best for last. My meals typically go like this:

Munch, munch, munch [blech], munch, munch, [yuck], munch, munch …

[phew, glad I got that over with! Now it’s pleasure time for me, baby!]

… come to think of it (it’s been so long ago), my sexual encounters followed the same format.

Like others, I always save the best for last. If I recollect correctly, the self-help book “The Road Less Traveled” began with the question of whether you eat the cake or the icing first. Eating the icing first was a sign that you are able to delay gratification.

You should see me tackle a 7-layer dip.

Yes, I always save the best for last. Every morning I have runny fried eggs, and I cut a little circle around the yolk, eat the white from both eggs, then take the whole unbroken yolk and place it in my mouth for a little explosion of savory tastiness. Same goes for stews with quality meat or seafood – I’ll eat the broth and veggies, then save the tasty meat/seafood for last.

Oddly enough, the only time I typically break this rule is for sushi. I absolutely love uni (sea urchin), and it’s expensive around here, so a rare delicacy, and I almost always eat it first when I order it. Don’t know why.

Always. This morning I ate the banana first, and saved the pumpkin muffin for last.

When I eat I tend to eat a little bit of each thing in rotation. My final bites include green beans, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes.

My daughter has always savored desserts, consuming it in progressively smaller pieces. I once broached Zeno’s Paradox WRT her dessert eating, and that’s made it even more fun.


I mix it all together and eat it like a casserole. A little bit of “best” in every bite.

Sounds like worshiping Cthulhu so he’ll eat you last.

Not quite.

I eat all the "M"s first, then eat the "M"s

I methodically work around my plate, eating one item at a time. My least favorite until it is gone, then the next best, the next, and save the best item for last. Every. Time.

My mother took me to a nice restaurant when I was a teenager and told me to eat the best part of the steak first before it got cold and before you got too full. It made sense to me at the time

Nowadays I eat a slice of pie from the crust saving the pointy tip for the last bite. That’s probably how I eat most of my food, saving the best for last. Sorry, Mom.

I now see that I effed that up.

Eating the *cake *first is a sign that you are able to delay gratification.

Bullshit to the cake. I eat the icing first, especially if it’s vanilla. And I’ll eat as much as I can. Icing is one of my weaknesses.

The cake goes in the garbage.