Do you eat the soft chicken bones?

When I eat chicken on the bone, there’s almost nothing left when I’m done. After I eat every last morsel of meat, I eat the ribs, and any other bones that look like they might be chewable, like the breastbone. Then I take the leg and thigh bones and bite off both ends, and eat the gristle and sinew. Then, if the chicken was cooked just right, I slurp out the wet, dark-red marrow from the bone like a straw. I eat the wings the same way. I just pop the neck and any vertebrae into my mouth whole and eat them like popcorn. Crunchy goodness.

People seem to think this is weird. Am I the only one who does this?


Yes. Just you (and a lot of dogs).

My wife is a gristle-eater and some of that has rubbed off on me.

Having said that, I don’t consider a chicken neck to be “soft bones”.

What? It’s delicious! That’s like half the flavor of the chicken right there!

Well, if you’ve ever seen a dog with a bone, you know how much he enjoys it. I think there’s something deep within our mammalian nature that craves meat right off the bone. It makes me feel close to my proto-hominid ancestors. Picture a caveman with a bone from a freshly killed mammoth. That’s me with a chicken.

Does this poll apply to all of us including those Dopers who are non-zombies?

That was my audible reaction upon reading the thread title, even before I opened it. Right now there’s an exasperated John Cleese homunculus in my head screaming “well don’t you even take the bones out,” with a complacent and unflapped imaginary cuauhtemoc responding in a somewhat dismissive manner “if I took the bones out, they wouldn’t be crunchy, now would they?”

Yes, I do that if eating chicken in private. And Labtrash, I’m not a dog. :rolleyes::smiley:

I’m feeling seriously queasy now, thanks.

I save the bones in the freezer until I have enough to make broth. Cook them in water for about three hours and THEN get the chickeny goodness of the bones.

I’ve tried beef marrow before and it tasted like death.
If I happen to get a chicken wing with a broken bone, it grosses me out to the point that I can’t eat it.

I suppose that puts us on opposite ends of the spectrum – but still, I’m not turning in my carnivore card.

Soft? Nothing about the bones you mentioned could be considered soft,

I think you mean extra brittle.

I sometimes eat the breastbone, ribs & wingtips and chew off both ends of the leg bone but that’s about it.

I love marrow (a nice beef marrow bone, with the marrow spread on toast and a bit of salt–that’s a real treat), but chicken bones? You’re an odd duck.

I threw up in my mouth.

Larks vomit?

That’s pretty gross, sorry. :slight_smile:

I eat the wing tips and some of the ribs depending on softness. I’m not sure what you mean by biting off the leg and thigh bone ends. I love the crunchy cartilage caps on the ends of the bone but accessing the marrow would seem to take a lot more work. I do love me some beef bone marrow, maybe I’ll try it.

Forgot, I eat the breast bone cartilage as well

I threw up in your mouth too.


My grandmother used to have special spoons for bone marrow for things like lamb or beef. It was awful watching her use one.