Do you ever get into political arguments with family at Thanksgiving?

There are people in my extended family who I think voted for Trump. But we don’t discuss politics so I don’t really know.

“On Thanksgiving”, actually no. Political arguments were dependent on the people, not the venue. I have family all over the country: Their views run the gamut but everyone puts a cork in it when it comes to political issues. However, if I’m with my father, politics will come up…he’s very conservative and loves to bait/argue with others. He thinks I’m further to the right than I actually am, and so when he’s directing his discourse at others, I try to diffuse it.

Sadly yes, although the ‘arguments’ consist of my parents angrily repeating disproven propaganda they saw on fox news.

I generally just use the socratic method on them and keep asking them ‘why’ questions until it becomes apparent they don’t know what they’re talking about beyond a very superficial level. Usually takes a minute or two. But then they go onto the next topic.

I wish they’d leave me the fuck alone about the issue. It must be nice to have family members that respect your boundaries instead of trying to use you as a punching bag for every bit of propaganda they hear.

No, we are all liberal Democrats. There might be specific things we disagree about, but never acrimoniously.

My family doesn’t disagree about politics. But for a while there would be a regular blowup when my mom would insist that I—the one vocally atheist person present—should give thanks before the meal.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up. None of the babies I have known have been even decent conversationalists.

Nope. My brother-in-law, who happily is no longer infesting the world around him, used to goad us with racist jokes and comments at Thanksgiving dinner. After two years I had to tell my sister that we would no longer be attending. Fucking asshole.

Went pretty well today. All talk of politics was avoided except at one point I was talking to some older members of the extended family. The husband is well into the “sun set” but the wife, who has always been pretty sharp despite being extremely conservative, went into an agitated rant about how back in WWII some women she knew drove trucks because all the men went to war and now “stupid women” are out protesting when they should be out just …well, I’m not really sure. Apparently the pink pussy hat march really pissed her off. I don’t know. My (far right) sister came and rescued me, providing a graceful exit from the conversation.
All in all, any talk of politics was successfully avoided.

Nope. Politics rarely comes up at family gatherings. And when it does, we are all somewhere on the conservative end of the spectrum, so it’s just some perfunctory agreement and then we go back to discussing family stuff.

No because none of us feel the need to have uniformity of thought.

:D:D:D:D:D Yeah, she mostly yelled incoherently. But not a political word was spoken, so yay!

Not really. My family are all Democrats too. I’m registered as independent but my family has always assumed that meant I was hiding that I was a conservative, so occasionally they’ll try to start a debate, but it stalls when they discover we agree. :slight_smile:

Not with my family in general, but there’s a good chance my Dad will pick a political fight with me. The thing is, I never know with him if he actually believes anything he’s saying, or if he’s greatly exaggerating his position just to make the debate more interesting. He loves debating with me, and as a lawyer, he’s very, very good at it; he claims that it’s because he respects my intelligence and my opinion, and I believe him, but I also suspect that he thinks of it as a teaching moment - not that he wants me to agree with him, but he wants me to get better at defending my beliefs.

Seeing as I’m 44 and he’s 70, it’s kind of annoying, but I guess you never stop being a parent. In his defense, he’s mellowed out a lot in the past decade.

We don’t have thanksgiving. We would still argue though from time to time about politics. I don’t know whether that was during your thanksgiving or not.

Yup. We are Jews, so of course we argue recreationally.

Right after the presidential election, feeling were running so high that I banned politics as a topic for Thanksgiving. And the family complied with my request. But a couple of people were really sad they didn’t have a chance to argue politics that day, and we had to have a smaller post-Thanksgiving dinner (with less political diversity) so they could get their arguing in.

This year had some good-natured political arguing after the meal.

Nope. Of all the adults at the Thanksgiving dinner I attended, eight or nine hate Trump, one or two love him to pieces but know better than to bring him up, and the rest (three or four) either don’t care enough to vote or voted for him because “Democrats are coming to take your guns” but otherwise don’t give a rat’s ass about politics.

Sorry, I don’t get why people seem to think everyone in the family having the same political bent = no political arguments.

There are so many things out there that aren’t neatly decided by one’s political leanings that are still political. For instance, a room full of Democratic voters will have different opinions about universal basic income or whether meat consumption is morally wrong. Not all Republicans are all pro-life bootstrappers who think social welfare programs should be abolished cuz Jesus.

I think this board could be uniformly liberal (or conservative) and the GD forum would still have interesting threads.

Generally, no. Our family is pretty much on the same page politically, and we usually don’t talk politics when we get together. The only time I recall was when my father was praising George Bush (the elder) after the Gulf War. A year later, he had stopped.

We were all Democrats. My father was registered as a Republican, but that was to vote in the local primaries; we lived in a highly Republican area and he wanted to have a voice. He usually voted Democratic in non-local elections.

My grandmother and grandfather were registered as a Socialist in the 1919, when that was a political party in NYS.

Discussions, yes. Not so much arguments. And we’re all over the map I talked about a recent local election and about the issues the various candidates did it did not choose to talk about. We talked about senate confirmations. I don’t recall what else.

Never have, but haven’t had a full family thing on Thanksgiving since the Trump era, and I hear that has changed things.