Do you ever just get tired ?

I’m just so tired, not like lacking sleep tired, but tired of life. I’m tired of doing all the things that have to be done all the time. I’m tired of doing dishes, cooking, laundry and running errands. I feel like I’m never finished, like I never actually accomplish anything, like a rat in a cage, I never seem to get anywhere. Does anyone else ever feel like that ? I think I need a nice long vacation by myself, wish I could afford one.

You said it. Between college, work, cleaning my apartment, and taking care of my dog life has gotten me down lately. I’ve been half tempted to take a year off of school just to chill things out for awhile, but that’d hurt me more in the long run. Anyways yeah I know how it feels and it sucks.

Yes, we all do. But you know, mundane as life can sometimes be, something will come along unexpectedly…and just make you smile and make you happy, if just for an instance. That’s what makes it worthwhile. And letting things go sometimes, don’t do the laundry or wash the dishes, just leave them, for a little while. It can make a difference. Cheers to you.

I know what you mean - I’ve gotten like that myself on occasion. You need to plan yourself a mini-vacation, even if it’s just a few hours sitting on a bench by yourself watching squirrels frolic. You need a mental recharge, and while a real vacation is exactly what you need (like I’m any expert) a short break can go a long way. I find walking to be helpful for me - either beach walking or strolling a nature path or just walking aimlessly. Figure out what works best for you. Dishes and laundry and all that kinda stuff never ends and the world won’t implode if you ignore your chores for a little while. You gotta do something before you make yourself crazy…

Really? When?