Do you ever share pictures of your food?

Poll to follow shortly. On Facebook or whatnot, do you ever share pictures you’ve snapped of your food, before you’ve eaten it at a restaurant or somewhere?

Not in the poll, but if so where are you from?

All the time.

Uh yeah…I have a picture folder on my FB labeled ‘Food.’
ETA Guy.

I don’t share pictures of anything. I don’t even know how.

When ever I cook big meat on the grill or smoker (pork butt, spatchcocked turkey, homemade pastrami) I take pictures and send them to my cooking-oriented friends and family.

Hell, I shared pictures of my slow smoked ribs right here in CS not that long ago.

I’m a guy. I share food porn all the time.

I’m not a facebooker, but I do post food pics on my blog sometimes.

None of these answers really applied to me – I said I know people who do even though I don’t. I don’t personally know people who do but I’ve heard of the phenomenon…

I photograph some occasional foods, but mostly, I have a collection of cheese fries from various places, with my grading on their quality. Also some pics of various culinary challenges. (South Carolina)

I didn’t answer because “I do this” sounds like it’s a regular thing. I’ll put up a food pic a couple of times a year if I’ve made or am eating something particularly special. My husband does it more often than I do, because he cooks more.

Some guys drive big trucks.
Some guys own big boats.
Some guys post pictures of butternut squash soup or roast chicken.

I’m a guy. The more detailed and superlative the caption, and the wider the aperture of the photo of the food, the harder I roll my eyes.

Instagram pictures of food merit an instant de-friending. IMHO.

I don’t post pictures of my meals, but see it on Facebook. It is only a matter of time before people are regularly posting pictures of their turds after a meal.

If I cook something special I might. Might. That’s about the only reason I can see for it.

Hey, that thing was the size of a freakin’ Pringles can.

You crap after every meal? I think there are a couple threads here about that…

People post pictures of their hobbies and things they are enthusiastic about on FB and blogs. Some people post pictures of the antique tractor they’re restoring, others have a page of pictures 5+ lb. largemouth bass.

Others like to cook/bake/smoke/can and like to post pictures of their hobby. I don’t get the hate.

When I go a week or so without a food porn post, I have people asking for them.

You know…maybe we need a ‘Great Ongoing Food Porn Thread’…

I’m a photographer (among other things), so I have styled food I made, photographed it, and posted it in my online portfolio and/or food blog. I have also, once, photographed a meal at a local cafe (seriously awesome french toast) for the Daily Shoot challenge when DS was still going on. This actually led to a paid shoot for that same cafe, photographing their food.

I don’t post any photos I care about to FB because of their shitty IP policies. Smartphone snaps of my dinner would probably not usually rank in the “photos I care about” category, but I don’t have a smartphone (and my pocket digicam is a POS), and I rarely have the money to eat out anymore. When I do eat out, it’s an event, so I don’t feel like dragging my DSLR with me.

I am a fan of good food photography, and don’t mind seeing it. I really dig high-quality food porn. :slight_smile: