Do You Ever Watch Opposition YouTube?

For example, if you’re left-of-center, do you ever watch alt-right stuff just to see what they’re like? If you are a tolerant person, do you ever watch racist youtubers?

I never watch any YouTube videos

Do you ever read anything “anti-you”?

First, I’m not sure why this is in the Pit. Second, you think alt-right is the opposite of left-of-center? I would have thought it was the opposite of, I don’t know, radical leftists, like real socialists or antifa or something. Alt-right is racist and crazy. And, why would anyone want to watch racist youtubers?

To answer your question, I generally watch comedy, music, and sometimes, late-night hosts on YouTube. I guess the late-night hosts are aligned with my views generally, so, no, I don’t watch “opposition YouTube”.

Read? Yes. YouTube? Not so much. That’s primarily for entertainment and how-to. I try to avoid video where text will so, as reading is faster than listening. So I’m typically not seeking out political videos I agree with either.

My political views are unusual in that they don’t really fit on the standard left–right spectrum. So pretty much any mainstream socio-political commentary (and most of the non-mainstream stuff as well) is going to be “opposition” for me, and my reactions to it range from hostility to “this is vaguely interesting but utterly irrelevant” to “I sympathize what what these people are trying to do but they are going about it the wrong way”.

Unless I’m researching it for an article, I don’t actively seek out material whose political stance I know will anger or sadden me. Sometimes I come across it by accident when browsing YouTube for entertainment, in which case I just stop the video and move on to something else.

To give a recent example, I was watching videos of scam baiters—people who take calls from tech support scammers and keep them on the line as long as possible in order to waste their time. In the course of his conversation with the scammer, one of these baiters made some smarmy dig against “SJWs”, at which point I stopped watching. People who use that term unironically tend to frustrate me, regardless whether they’re using it as an insult or as a badge of pride. In this case, the baiter’s use of the term in context betrayed to me that his hobby was just a socially acceptable outlet for his racism and misogyny. His channel is not so much about frustrating the criminal activity of scammers as it is publically belittling poor Indian people to an audience of millions of YouTubers.

Youtube? No. Read? Yes. I read both the Telegraph and the Guardian, for instance.

I’d also consider myself “unique” politically, that I don’t seem to respect any political party in the US, but I’m also flexible. Unfortunately, people love a litmus test, and even the definitions seem inaccurate. To criticize Trump isn’t “left”, and even someone like Bernie Sanders is centre-left, aka, social democrat.

I look for humor and sincerity. I also like to see how some view the opposition, or their modus operandi.

A related and interesting read - The partisan brain - in The Economist.

I use YouTube to watch music videos. That’s it.

I suppose I do once in a while. Mostly out of curiosity and/or to see what the ‘opposition’ is thinking and saying.
However, when I do something like that, I usually pull it up in an incognito window just so it doesn’t influence my suggestions going forward.

YouTube videos are usually people ranting about crap with no cites or sources to back them up. Why would I watch that?

I do, however, use the Fox News web site, since it’s the only one without a lot of flash or auto-run videos and other crap. I know how to find the facts in a story and disregard opinion.

A video by some anti=DixieChicks, about building the Wall “brick by brick”, with a pretty catchy country tune. Sharp lyrics, stuff about somebody’s Granma getting murdered by some dirty immigrant. Country cutie pies for hate. I am pleased to report that I see no evidence that anyone else noticed this. Worse thing since Charlie Daniels caught 9/11 fever and went nuts.

On the positive side, there’s some real good college lectures. Currently raving about some by Robert Sapolsky on evolutionary biology that makes your head hurt so good.

(If only the lectures I attended had rewind options, I might have completed my degree in Advanced Tautology. Alas! Still, better late than never!)

Fuck no. YouTube is the professional wrestling of political thought. I am happy to engage with opposition ideas, but I prefer reading. I can consume it faster, and if it’s fluff, I can spot it sooner without wasting time.

yeah I watch you tube for entertainment reasons if I want people whos politics I don’t agree with I just pay attention to my “trump walks on water” relatives

From what I’ve seen, youtube has been taking down some of the racist and extreme right wing stuff.

I do try to read different points of view, but I don’t watch extreme stuff on youtube, especially if it’s violent.

I would consider the opposite of “alt-right” to be “basic human decency”.

You mean like a video of a mirror?

No, that’s not what I meant :slight_smile:
Just people you disagree with, but maybe respect. Or hate, but still find entertaining, or at least educational (to know thy enemy)