Do you feel young, old, or middle-aged?

Please note that I’m not asking your phsyical or chronological age, but rather how you feel now. You can define now as you wish: that is, it can be the very moment you answer the question, or it can be how you feel in general. If you wish to explain why you can; if it’s too much trouble, or too intrusive, that’s fine too.

Answering my question: generally I feel young; I have since I met Kim the Rhymer. Today, though the combination of her and my stepdaughter and my nieces discussing someone named Rihana makes me feel very old.

Anybody else?

Young. I’m constantly amazed that the 22-year-old actress who’s playing a Real Adult Woman on TV is not, in fact, older than I am, because God knows, I am not a Real Adult Woman.

My mother, who just turned 72, still thinks of herself as young as well, so I’m guessing this feeling is not going to go away.

Some days I feel young and some days I feel old but that doesn’t change the fact that on all the days…I am old. The numbers are there. I may be jumping the gun but I look at my dogs and wonder what they’re going to do when I’m gone. I just turned 60 and sometimes ask if this is a rational way of thinking. The dogs have no opinion on this.

I feel ancient.

I’ll be 40 in August. I feel young. I can hardly believe I’m allowed to own a house.

I’m 81 but I still feel like 35. Physically, that’s another matter.

I’m 55 and I feel middle-aged.
This is because:

  • I am semi-retired :slight_smile:
  • I know whoRihanna is :cool:

I’m a 29 y/o brat*. I do however sometimes feel the need to grow up and get serious.

Then I have another beer.

*Brat defined here as an unresponsible, hardpartying, seize the day-kinda, young guy

I’m 49 and I feel middle aged but I’m not at all unhappy about it. I got to retire early, I’m active and in good shape and I have no health problems, so this is a whole lot better than I ever imagined it would be.

Well, my heart says “Go for it” and my body says “Just a damn minute, now.” So, I guess I feel young but at the same time, old enough to know better.

Generally young. Still in school, go dancing in clubs, get hit on by the 18-25 demographic. Coworkers who are young use inclusive pronouns when talking with me about generational things.

I feel old, though, when I bring up things that happened when I was a teenager or younger. Schoolmates, coworkers, and dates will all invariably squeal with delight and let me know how old they were at that time, if they were even born then. I felt a little old the first time I dated someone born in the 1980s; I felt really old when I found out the girl who asked me out last week was 2 when I was to graduate high school.

It depends on what I’m doing when you ask. If I’m blushing because a cute guy is flirting with me or I’m singing out loud with my radio while driving, I feel young. If I’m groaning because I have to bend over to pick something up, or I’m frustrated because I don’t know what’s wrong my with my computer, I feel old. I’m 40.

I’m 37. I feel really old and really tired.

I feel like I present a middle aged image to others, but what they don’t know is that there is a young kid inside…(my wife does know this)

And I am “older” - 65 and loving it!

I feel misplaced.

I’m 39, and am very aware of getting older, mostly because my body is beginning to fail. But I don’t feel as old as 39 used to seem.

I am not expecting a long life, if my immediately preceding ancestors are anything to go by. So technically, I don’t think numerically I’m “middle” aged. I’m long past the middle.

It never does, and that’s a good thing. I used to see 50 as being a senior citizen but at 49 I have all of the energy to do anything that I want to. I don’t feel in the least bit old.

Reading some of the threads from younger people looking for advice makes me feel like I’m from a different generation but that’s OK with me too. I’m glad to have all of that uncertainty, confusion and drama behind me and be just cruising in happily content.

I died when I was 15 years old, although it took me a fairly long time to notice. That was many years ago. I’m still 15 years old.

Thanks to a rare natural preservation effect known as saponification, the tissues of my corpse were largely converted into a greasy soaplike material called adipocere or “grave wax,” thus retaining a somewhat lifelike appearance. At my current progressive rate of decay, I anticipate that my carcass will finally decompose into total immobility in 20 or 25 years. When that happens, I will still be 15 years old.

Are you, by chance, Melanie Griffith?

She’s married to Antonio Banderas isn’t she? So to my knowledge, no I am not her.

As it happens that knee does look strangely familiar though. By a curious coincidence, this morning the carcass-flesh around my right knee was bloated with the filthy gasses of decomposition. I went to the doctor and she said it was bursitis.

But then I went home and looked it up, and apparently bursitis is something that only happens to living people. So somebody’s giving me bad information here.

Chronologically I’m 43; some days I feel 22, some days I feel 82.

How old I feel involves various circumstances and their percentages; what kind of mood(s) my wife and, more importantly, my kid, are in, also how much caffeine I’ve ingested, the sucesses and failures of my day-to-day endeavours, and how many assholes I encounter out in the world.