Do you find the term 'Aspie' offensive?

Aspie is used to refer to individuals on the Autism spectrum, formerly diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome. I first heard the term ‘Aspie’ referred by parents of children with Asperger syndrome. The parents who used this term were very active in the Autism community and never intended for the term to be used as an insult. But some individuals seem to think of the term ‘Aspie’ as an insulting term.

Personally, I don’t find it offensive, and the people I know personally on the autism specturm publically refer to themselves as Aspie.

There’s also the term ‘spergy’ which derives from Aspergers. Spergy simply refers to somebody whose actions are similar to someone with Aspergers. They may be on the spectrum, think they are on the autism spectrum, or simply are insufferable and use an existing medical condition as an excuse. Some individuals have taken exeption to this term and I wonder if people feel the same hair trigger sensitivity when people use adjectives like ‘psycho’ ‘nympho’ ‘manic’ etc.

It always struck me as hopelessly precious rather than offensive. Many such terms that end in an ‘ie’ sound seem the same way to me. I find ‘Selfie’ to be particularly grating.

I don’t think it is offensive although a better description may be something like 'I have Asperger’s Disorder which was included in part 299.80 of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV but was folded into the general autism spectrum diagnosis in the more recently released Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V."

There are some folks on the board that are Asperger’s. Blanking on names right this second. Let them chime in…Qin Shi Huang Di and someone’s daughter that joined the boards, and I think some others.

I’m reasonably tied in on the autism spectrum. Many Asperger’s folks didn’t agree with combing Aspergers into the autism spectrum. I haven’t heard any one saying “Aspie” is a non preferred word but I’m just a parent of someone on the spectrum

See I figured that parents who refer to their own kids as ‘Aspies’ in the context of “My child has this condition, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them being different, and I love what makes my child unique”. I don’t think those parents are insinuating their kids are ‘retards’ or anything more explicitly offensive. Far from it!

If a parent can lovingly refer to their kid as ‘Aspie’ I don’t see how it would be offensive.

Yeah, this. My two thoughts on it are that it’s nauseatingly twee, and if a person refers to themselves that way it’s almost always someone who is self-diagnosed. Not offensive. Well, it offends me by being so damn cutsey, but I don’t think that’s what you mean, OP.

I don’t find it offensive.

But, like any other term, it could become offensive overnight if deemed so.

For the record, I’m a teacher. I’ve had students with Asperger’s for over twenty years. Never once has another staff member or parent used the term “Aspie.”

When my neice, now 17, got her dx about 4-5 yrs ago she found it very liberating, and refers to herself as an Aspie regularly.

If it’s being used to describe someone who genuinely has Asperger’s, then whatever. I don’t care what word anyone uses. It’s up to the person being referred to to object if they want. However, if it’s used as an insult or sarcastic way of describing someone who just acts a little oddly, I do find that offensive. My daughter is autistic, and I don’t like the idea of people using her condition as an insult.

IMO “aspie” is the ASD equivalent of “cripple” or “nigger”. IOW, members of the community can use it, outsiders, hell no!

Yup. This.

I have Asperger’s and I don’t find it really offensive.

To the OP, you don’t find the term ‘aspie’ offensive but you don’t acknowledge that you use it to apply to people who are not on the spectrum, or have Aspergers. In the MPIMS message board, this is pointed out to you by another poster, under a thread ‘Mundance pointless things that elude Dopers’ that you started. Are you forgetful, being disingenuous, lack self-awareness, or what?

I’m not diagnosed but have been tagged as such by family although I disagree. I’d rather be called “aspie” than “asperger’s” which sounds quite a bit like “ass purgers”.

Sorry but there are NO folks anywhere who “are” Asperger’s. There are however lots of folks who “have” Asperger’s.

or loony for that matter

I thought of my post and the adjectives before reading, so any resemblance to above is coincidental. “Twee” was the word I’d use. “Offensive,” no. It sounds like baby talk. And people with Asperger’s seem to me to be not the types to like that kind of language. The one person I can remember who mentioned that she has Asperger’s (probably others I wasn’t aware of), I want to say I saw her write “Aspie” but I am not 100% certain. The term also seems like more of an online phenomenon, maybe written more than spoken. And the DSM-V is mixing things up.

Thank you.

“Aspie” isn’t inherently offensive, but it can be used in an offensive way. As evidenced by the OP’s posting history.

I am far from being on the spectrum but my daughter is. Aspie does not bother me in the least. And it avoids problems like this.

Likewise. It’s a term that has been largely reclaimed.

Then again, I didn’t realize that “Paki” was offensive until fairly recently. Glad I never used it aloud.

I think it can be used as a pejorative. It’s all in how it’s intended.