Do you get a Ad when you open Forums?

I noticed that when I open the forums from my bookmark: a big window opens with it, obscuring it & advertising some or something…Is it just me?

Just tried it three time in two minutes. Results: nothing unusual.

Maybe they’re trying to tell you something. :smiley:

I haven’t seen that ad . … in fact I haven’t seen any ads other than the usual Reader ones for quite some time now.

Not sure what’s going on with you.

your humble TubaDiva

It’s possible that you’ve visited that site at some point previously and it’s added itself to your bookmarks (one of nastiest tricks of unscrupulous advertisers, IMHO). Do you get the same pop-up at every site you visit, or just the boards?

mattk, I posted my exact URL to the board above. Today, I got another ad, but for another company. This is pretty weird. It only happens the time I open that page above & for no other sites.

I used to get them. Right click on the ad and check the properties. If it says “doubleclick” somewhere, it’s piggybacking an old ad on the Cecil column page. You can check for a cookie named doubleclick and delete it.

Same thing if you can find another ad-related name:
Some I’ve been saddled with at times are MyAffilliateProgram, ServedBy.Advertising, Ads.Link4Ads etc.