Do you go out of your WAY to offend people?

The Ryan on page 2 of this thread, “commenting” on a humorous post by matt_mcl in an entirely different thread.

I’m heterosexual - female, if you must know - The Ryan; I too suffer from an immune disorder, it’s called lupus, but I doubt that you’ll be bothered to “google” it before you start telling me that my hedonistic lifestyle (shock, horror, I take it up the ass and I’ve had more than a handful of sexual partners in my lifetime, and did I happen to mention that my former SO died of AIDS?) is responsible for my immune disorder.

I feel very privileged to share the same messageboard with most of the posters here; I’m ashamed to even breathe the same air as you.

I have an auto-immune problem to, but it’s not auto-immune deficiency syndrome and not caused by the HIV virus.

So while your off on your tirade, go ahead and add my sex life to the list of things you’re going to rant and rave about, because I’m sure it won’t matter for fuck to you that my immune system was screwed over by …


All it took was 2 courses of prednisone and I now have a ravaged immune system that will never function properly again. Not contagious, not a virus, not sexually transmitted, but it doesn’t fuckin matter, does it? I have an immune system disorder. So in the The Ryan dictionary, that makes me a wanton assfucking slutmaster.

Most of the people on this message board are intelligent people whose insights I look forward to seeing. Then there are those of you who make me ashamed of my own species.

Grow a brain.

and of course, the pest control product “RAID” contains 3/4s of the letters in the word “AIDS”, so therefore and ergo.


I’ll give you a new mantra “Consider the source”. apply liberally (which is not a bad word)

I have a hereditary immunoglobulin (sp?) deficiency, the upshot of which is that respiratory ailments tend to linger endlessly (we’re talking months) unless nuked by appropriate medication. Although it’s less of a problem these days, it was pretty bad during my childhood – in 10th grade, I missed 40 days of school due to colds and such.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with my sex life (although I did always wonder why people snickered at my perpetually having a box of Kleenex next to my bed).

So is wearing plAID out? What about getting pAID?

I can think of no single act that would do more for the mitigation of the AIDS epidemic than for the Pope to publicly announce that he is being tested for AIDS.

I haven’t gotten laid in the entire adult lifetimes of some of this board’s members, but I got an AIDS test. Everyone should, so that the stigma gets removed.


I would guess then that taking SLimfast is right out, after all, there was once a diet pill called AYDS.

So much for getting lAID. :frowning:


That’s what I SAID.

(Hey, baby, after the test, you want to come over to my place for some hot anagram action?;))

What makes you think that I would say that it is?

Do the letters stand for the exact same thing in both cases?

What exactly is your problem? Can you clearly state what your probelm with my statement is, without resorting to sarcasm or strawmen? 'Cause if your problem is that you’re angry at what you think I would say, that’s rather silly.

Immune DEFICIENCY syndrome (ala AIDS) is very different to auto-immune disorders. Conditions like lupus are in fact caused by an overactive immune system (the body starts to fight against itself).
Aids on the other hand destroys the body’s natural immunity to disease, so even minor ailments can kill.
I too suffer from auto-immune disorders, and the treatment has involved taking medications to WIPE OUT my immune system, thereby making me more susceptible to catching every bloody thing going round, and making it incredibly dangerous when I did! Just like AIDS, but NOT like AIDS.

If you did have AIDS, would it be justifiable to blame you for your hedonistic lifestyle?

Do you feel that way about all victims, of AIDS, or only those who live lifestyles you find unacceptable?

Failing to understand the nature of Lupus, or IIDS, or any of the many medical conditions which cause people to have simptoms, or medical needs similar to AIDS is not proof that they mean to insult you, or even percieve anything insulting about thinking you might actually have AIDS.


Let me try.

everyone’s problem is that you assumed, backhandedly and with a ridiculous comment that matt_mcl, an openly gay poster had AIDS because he said he had a immune deficiency syndrome.

everyone’s other problem is that you are continually so fucking annoying in every thread you post in that you make a swarm of mosquitos seem like a breath of fresh air.


To be fair, The Ryan didn’t imply I may have AIDS. HappyHeathen did, and The Ryan was defending it.

So, everyone does consider it an insult to assume from a discussion of immunodeficiency problems that someone has AIDS?

Do these viruses have an infallible ability to judge character that I haven’t heard about?

Would I be insulting if I assumed from you discussion of medically signifigant information that you had Malaria? Does it matter if your symptomology is similar to malaria?



What Tris said. I don’t care if yer gay or straight or the Peter Pan guy, if you tell me you have an immunodeficiency disorder, my first thought is going to be AIDS, not lupus. And I’ve had friends die of lupus, too.

Is that immediate assumption wrong of me? Is it insulting?

Or is this because it’s The Ryan talking?

But I didn’t say I had an immunodeficiency syndrome in the thread, goddammit. As I explained:

Weeeell . . . I do apologize for not having read the original thread. Obviously I need to.

Sorry matt, I took offense on your behalf.

Won’t make that mistake again.

I unreservedly apologise to The Ryan - happy campers now?

Ok, ok.

I misread the sequence. Someone should give Happyheathen a few links to AIDS information, since he seems to have an information deficiency in that area.