Do you go to public places in your Pj's?

I do. I just back from the grocery in my Pj’s.
So who’s with me?!

(uh… guys?)


I’ll walk the block to the deli in just about anything.

I got distracted during the dressing process once and went to class wearing my pajama bottoms. Luckily, they looked pretty much like leggings. Except for the fluffy, little sheep on them…

No. I’m terrified that if I do, Clinton and Stacey from “What Not to Wear” will ambush me and take away all my flannel pajama pants.

Nope. Occasionally I’ll drive down the block and go to my parents’ house in my PJs but not public places.

Once a week or so I end up at the gas station wearing my karate gi and to be honest I am quite embarrassed about that - and it looks cool!

Good god, no. But I may be a fogey (40) compared to you. May I ask how old you are? That sort of thing wasn’t in style when I was a teen / twenty-something like it is today, but if it had been acceptable I believe I might have. When I see whippersnappers cruising the aisles of Publix in their Dr. Denton’s I have to remind myself that it’s apparently acceptable behavior today and I really should refrain from passing judgement. They still better stay the hell off my lawn, though.

I used to live in a residential student dorm setting in which the classrooms were located in the same building as the living quarters (that’s right… nobody ever left the building. RC nerds are campus-recognized as being the most out-of-touch students for this reason.)

Anyways, it was more likely someone would be wearing pajamas to class than not. Not just the pants, but the whole shebang–with fuzzy slippers.

Sometimes I go get my mail in my pjs. Since my mailbox is on my property, I don’t really consider that going anywhere, however.

I seem to be too old for the pjs in public phenomenon as well.

If it’s early enough, I’ll walk down the hall to the trash chute in my bathrobe, but that’s about it. If I do go out of the house to someplace nearby and I feel like compromising my usual standards, I’ll dress down more than I usually do, but that’s as far as it goes. For me this would be wearing a T-shirt that I normally would only wear to work out in.

Oh, *hell * no.

I don’t even like to dash out for the paper in my PJs and robe. Of course, there’s usually fright hair and glasses associated with PJs and robe, which might be part of the problem, but still. No way.

If I’m out of sweat pants, I’ll sometimes throw on a pair of pajama bottoms after a workout. But that’s not really what I sleep in anyway, I just keep them for lounging around at home.

I’d never go out in public in what I sleep in: short shorts with “CREW” across the ass and an tank top so old it’s almost transparent.

Since I sleep nekkid… :dubious:

I do have a uber cute pair of red with white snowflakes footie pajamas that I have been known to wear in public on occassion (taking the kids to school & picking up my $tarbucks fix, and even wore them to the hospital the morning of my tummy tuck – the nurses giggled all day about them). My daughter thinks it would be a hoot for us to all go grocery shopping in our footie pj’s one day, though.*

*I bought the whole family footie pajamas for xmas – you can get adult-sized ones online pretty cheaply.

There really is only one reason I would go out in public (to the mailbox or to pick up the newspaper I am not “in public” IMO) in pajamas is if I am sick enough to stay home from work, but have to go to the doctor or grocery store to aid in my own recovery.

No. But then again, I don’t own any.

I am rather anal about looking presentable when leaving the house, regardless of whether I’m going to class or to the store. The only time I wear PJs outside of my house is when I hang out at my friend’s apartment, which is only a block from where I live. Of course, being a university student, it’s not uncommon to see PJ clad zombies shuffling across campus. I’ve grown used to the sight, but I don’t plan on joining them any time soon.

No way. I’m in college and I never do this. I don’t find it too difficult to throw on a pair of jeans or something if I have to leave the house. Some people wear pjs and even slippers to class, which I find odd since you do have to walk a decent distance even in you live on campus. The only time I wore sweatpants to class was when I was really really sick but had to go take a French test. And even those were cute black cropped ones, not sloppy looking ones.

Nope, and I am likewise old.

I was staying in a hotel recently and popped out into the hallway wearing my jammies to ask the maid for some extra coffee. I guess it was better than getting dressed to go buy coffee, but I still felt terribly disrespectful.

Never. I can’t do it. I just know I’ll bump into someone important and end up feeling like an ass. My boss, an ex-boyfriend, my dentist, a friend of my mom’s… and I’ll just die of embarrassment. I already manage to bump into these people when I have bad hair days or a huge zit, so I know the universe will toss them in my path if I dare venture out in PJ’s.

I have a hard time even just going downstairs to check the mailbox in my PJ’s, and I don’t even leave the building for that. But the neighbors might see me. So, even though I mainly stay in jammies all day when it’s a lazy day off, I’ll switch to actual pants to go downstairs, and then switch back when I’m done.

I’m young (26) so I don’t think it’s a generational thing.

I once went to Wal-Mart at midnight in my pajama top tucked into a pair of ratty old sweatpants. My daughter was ill, but I don’t remember what on earth I had to have for her. The pharmacy certainly wasn’t open at that hour. Ratty fly-away hair and mascara raccoon eyes to boot.

Of course I saw at least three people I knew as business contacts.

I sleep nude. :eek: