Do you guys get radio like this?

I have been driving around with my teenage son for the last couple of weeks and we have been listening to Triple J, which is a government funded ad free radio station which broadcasts everywhere. Their list of current albums they are playing is:

Pinback - ‘Summer In Abaddon’
Kaada/Patton - ‘Romances’
2UP - ‘Player’s Club’
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - ‘Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus’
Blues Explosion - ‘Damage’
Dresden Dolls - ‘Dresden Dolls’
Urthboy - ‘Random Sense Of Menace’
The Dears - ‘No Cities Left’
Bang Gang - ‘Something Wrong’
Aberfeldy - ‘Young Forever’

At their site you can see more of what they play and hear them online. They are encouraging overseas voting for their hottest 100 which they have released every year since 1988.

It is very cool to have a national station that broadcasts music you would otherwise never hear. And my son and I have heard some funny stuff while on the road. Check out the face of the hottest 100.

Wow, awesome programming down-under.
The North American radio Program Directors,both AM/FM and Satellite executives, have relied on unreliable data as a foundation to their programming directives. Often pigeon-holing listeners as brainless vegetables who only desire to hear the same tunes over and over. This was a great tool for torcher during WW11 and again in Viet Nam when 4-track tapes of Yoko Ono were played to the Viet Cong. Poor chaps could only hold back top secret information for a couple of replays.

Just underscoring: For those who love music and skim read…The stream live via Real Player or WMP. If it ain’t in your favorites folder - it should be.