Do you hate anyone you don't know?

Do you?

I do. There’s this one guy who works at the mall with me and I’ve never spoken to him and I just can’t stand this guy. He’s NEVER in his store, he’s always out bugging people (I’m careful to never make eye contact with him so he won’t include me in his rounds, if he even wants to), and the way he looks and carries himself gets on my nerves. He’s probably a perfectly nice guy. But I still hate him.

Other than a number of celebrities, not really.

Thaksin Shinawatra

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Does he have a bwother named Fwank? :smiley:

No, not really. I don’t get anything out of it. I’d rather spend the energy on hating people I do know.

j/k. I try not to hate anyone. I just try to avoid people who get on my nerves and ignore them if possible.

I can get on board with that! I have wanted to (insert dog burning reference here) since I had to sit through “Shakespeare in Love” in order to get laid.

Politics incoming in 3… 2…

Sure. A few people.

I don’t even hate anyone I do know. Hate takes a lot of time and effort, I just can’t be bothered and I’m lucky enough to have never been put in a situation where I could understandably hate someone.

Do you hate anyone you don’t know? No, I can’t think of anyone that triggers that in me.

Does this person resemble anyone you have had conflict with in the past? Maybe you are triggering on that.

I tend to react to men who look like my ex B-I-L. He was awful and I can feel my hackles go up whenever I run across people that resemble him. Seriously, if you meet him, grab your wallet and your panties 'cuz he’s gonna try to take advantage of you somehow! He’s big, hairy, near albino with vitiligo and covered with tattoos guy that sucks all the attention and oxygen from a room.

But, I know why I react that way and try to not tar the new folks with that old brush.

It depends on exactly what “hate” means. Generally it’s “extreme and emotional dislike”, but how extreme? Famous people who vigorously promote the opposite end of the political spectrum may qualify, for me, if we’re a little generous on the definition.

Actually he did used to be called Frank back in his heyday, just because of his last name. I don’t know if anyone still does that but maybe so.

I don’t even hate anybody I do know.

There are certain public figures that make me think violent thoughts, though.

It took awhile, but I slept in this morning. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really only hate types. I won’t say stereotypes, because I see them in the media and sometimes IRL, conforming to type.

Most of the types I dislike are male; I think a lot of modern masculinity has its head jammed firmly up its ass.

Hate takes a lot of effort, but I have a huge grudge against the assholes who bred their two mutts, gave the pups away to friends, one of whom then dumped their half grown, never been taught anything pup at a shelter because he was ‘too hyper’ so a sucker like me could come along, fall in love and then be heartbroken when I had to euthanize him before his time should have been up because he had such severe hip dysplasia that even narcotics didn’t give him enough pain relief.

Kind of; an old schoolfriend’s abusive ex-step father, who fucked her up so severely the effects ricocheted round half my group of friends. Maybe a few other people like that. I only met him once for a few seconds, so I’m pretty sure that counts.

I don’t really hate “hate” these people, but on another board I frequent, there’s a couple of over-the-top school marms that drive me absolutely bonkers with their “tsk tsking” at anything that falls outside their prudish opinions. They need to get laid.

For me, it is the actor who plays “Mayhem” for the Allstate commercials. If I see him playing other roles, I want to see him beaten to a bloody pulp. After years of those awful commercials (that often have loud crashing horrible noises)… if I were to meet him face-to-face, it would be hard to not hit him as a reflex reaction. If they don’t quit those commercials soon, I may just start hunting down and kicking Allstate agents as a substitute.