What Posters Do You "Think" Don't Like You?

Ok, I am trying another maybe positive thead.

Post the names of users that you think don’t like you and why. You see this could be a positive thread because maybe the person that you thought didn’t like you turns out to like you afterall. (now see wouldn’t that be positive?)

Now on the otherhand maybe the person may indeednot like you. Well you already thought that and now at least you know for sure that they don’t. Right? See no harm no foul.

And at least this is not in the pit so they can’t totally nail ya for calling them out so to speak.

I’ll start. I’m pretty sure pldennison doesn’t like me because he thinks that I am not worth holding up the skin on the body I am in. And he thinks I should give it to someone else. (boy, I sure hope this guy doesn’t watch movies like “Silence of the Lambs” or “Hannibal” or I am skin deep trouble.

The other poster that I think doesn’t like me is Esprix. And I have no idea why. Just call it a hunch. :wink:

Well, what about ya’ll? Who do you think doesn’t like ya and why?

Mein Herr, I would be happy if anyone had any feelings about me whatsoever. I think.

Chance the Gardener thinks I type funny.
friedo doesn’t appreciate my “gag” Australian accent.
Olentzero suspects I’m the one who wiped boogers on his computer screen.
iampunha has tried to kill me at least five times.
Rilchiam thinks I am fat.

I would say that mostly everyone is indifferent to me. I try not to make people mad, and when I do I’ll back off right away and apologize. Most of my posts aren’t very interesting either so I don’t make a lasting impression. I wouldn’t be surprised if right now you couldn’t think of a single thread I posted in that you read (besides this one).

Arghhh! Okay, I know I shouldn’t let this bother me, because lord knows I could and should just walk away, but this isn’t Jr. High!

Tell you what, if everyone is so curious about who likes and doesn’t like them, we’ll do this Jr. High style. I’ll be the nerdy girl whom everyone cons into passing notes for her, kay?

Now all you have to do is send me a note and I will forward it to the person in question. Here is the prefered format:

Do you like tatertot? yes no

Do you hate tatertot? yes no

Assuming the person answers back, I will then pass it back to you.

We will all giggle a lot. Hopefully, a Mod won’t catch me passing notes and force me to read it in front of the board. How humiliating!

I think tatertot hates me.

Me too! And I love tatertots especially with cheese and ketchup on them. Mmmm Mmmm good.

I think you’re all out to get me. Words of kindness and occasional playfulness are just thinly veiled attempts to lull me into a false sense of security and comfort so that I can be more easily dispatched when the time is right. I’m onto your plan, you sneaky freaks! You’re not putting me down without a fight!

How to answer this nicely…
Some jerky female who imagined I was a certain way that I am not, and got all bent out of shape about it.
This is not the pit, so I won’t say who.
Lets just say shes near me alphabetically.

But I like You Wildest; youre titles amuse me.

Everbody hates me.

::shakes fist in the air::
You Bastards!!!

Everyone loves me, right? RIGHT???

[sub]I really don’t give a crap either way.[/sub]

Of course everyone loves you, porcupine. It’s your determined, steadfast indifference that makes you irresistible.

Porcupine: Happy 1000!

All posters with user names that begin with u, v, w, x, y, and z because they are jealous that my user name comes before their user name in the alphabet.
Do not hate me because my user name begins with a t. We are one and the same. We must not fight ourselves but instead must fight together against our true opressors: Those whose user names begin with numbers.
These vile numeric devils keep us down by bypassing the alphabetical order that has been time-tested and true! Unite!

I wouldn’t say he hates me or anything, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Cynical recently whispered to Zenster that my ass looks fat in these pants.

While I like myself quite a bit I think I am a threadkiller.

Veb ignores me.
Byz completely ignores me.
Borndodgy ignores me.
MissBHaven left me up in the trusses with the stagehands during the NewYears doperstrip. Brrrr.
Wildest Bill ignores me, even when I tell him to go rent ‘Thin Red Line’ for a good chuckle.

In all I think I’m not making a mark. However I steadfastly keep eye on the ring: combat ignorance.:slight_smile:

Nobody likes me.

Everybody hates me.

I guess I’ll just eat worms.

i dont think anyone has ever noticed me


I have seen “Thin Red Line”(didn’t like it though thought it was weird and kinda boring) so I didn’t ignore ya. I am trying to remember what we were discussing but I do remember you telling me to rent it I just can’t remember why.

No sweat WB. Now that I think about it a lot of ‘ignoring’ is just timing, plain and simple. Especially when the boards are slow. Actually it’s kind of egotistical to think that every post needs a response.

Thanks for the reply. And Thin Red Line is the best war movie ever made. Long and kinda boring, interspersed with moments of sheer terror. Kinda like life sometimes.