What Poster Do You Like Now That You Didn't Before?

You know people that you had heated discussions with that might have turned downright ugly but you have grown to like and respect.

Also I was going to say who do you still not like but that’s negative and I think it is better to focus on the positive. Don’t you?

For me for the poster I didn’t like at first but do now has got to be Goboy. Me and him clashed hard at first but after time I think we get along better & now have some mutual respect for each (I hope anyway). Wring is another one that I like better than I use to but am not sure the feeling is mutual.

Well what about y’all?

Wonko the Sane

In category 2, we have posters that I used to like but don’t any more . . .

I’ll just keep that list to myself.

gads Bill there goes my reputation! :smiley: Now, when you start having Esprix over for dinner and dancing, well, that’ll really be something!
(FTR - no, I don’t hate you. I have a few dents in my monitor because of you, but…)

Number one on my list would be you, Wildest Bill.

When you first showed up I thought you were just another rabid ignorant creationist jeezer like so many we’ve seen drive-by these boards.

But in due course I realized you’ve got a sense of humor; you post wacky, but interesting, questions in GQ, you’re polite and respectful and willing to learn, though solid in your beliefs.

That’s the sort of poster I can get behind.


When I first read his posts I thought he was wacked-out, bizarre, rambling, and at times barely coherent.

But then I thought, well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

Very entertaining, in fact.

And he’s Canadian.

When I first started posting I was a young punk with a chip on my shoulder. There was no reasoning with me at all. I’d try to point out flaws in my arguments, but I just wouldn’t listen to reason. Now I think I’ve grown as a person, and my posts crack me up more often than not. In fact, I’ve come to develop an online crush with myself. I can’t wait to see me again at the next Dopefest. If things go well, I might even get lucky.

Awwwwwww, scratch1300 what can i say… i’m all warm and tingley, just like that time they thought i was having a stroke :slight_smile:

Thanks man (especally for the incoherent part, you old razzle flaking chicken egger you)


I cant recall why… but for a while long long ago I didnt like him.

I feel really bad for that too. :frowning:

He is one of my absolute favorites now - I think he is a dear boy and an asset to the board.

Diane and I are cool now too - and [martha stewart] “Thats a good thing.” [/martha stewart] :smiley:

kelli you old sweetheart! I like you bunches now too! I remember the argument, FWIW, and it was stupid on my part. Glad it’s over. :slight_smile:


For several months I was convinced that Silo was just a toned down version of his former troll self. We had a minor spat in the Pit. I got past it, and I now think he’s pretty cool.

And this one, I just realized yesterday. All this time I have had a small chip on my shoulder towards dropzone from a pit thread a while back (probably 6 months ago). Not that I hated or disliked him, I just thought he was a moron. Then I found the thread the old other day, and it turns out it wasn’t even him that had set me off. D’oh! I never got insulting or confrontational with him, but I always kind of sneered at his posts with contempt. So, even though I’m sure he never noticed, I feel like I owe him an apology. It was my own idiotic fault that I never gave him a fair shake.

Originally posted by wring

Yea that we be the day that Buddy Holly singing about for one of us at least. :wink:

First I am glad to see that you don’t hate me. Secondly, so are saying if I would pushed you just a wee bit futher I might not have had to answer your reply posts for a while(or until you got a new monitor from Circuit City or something) :smiley:


That was very nice thanks and you’re pretty cool your self.

Now why does this thread only have 9 replies? I thought this would be a good thread to get some bad water out from under the bridge. I guess for the majority people on this board that don’t like certain posters still don’t like 'em.

You Wildest Bill.

I, as well, thought you were cruising thru here with your creation blinders on…real tight.

I don’t see you like that anymore. I mostly enjoy your threads, and look forward to what you have to say.
You rock. god love ya

Wildest Bill

Well, sure, but then, you always thought that, right? (blink blink) So that doesn’t qualify for this thread.

Sure, you say that now but when you want my help…
(Here ) (teasing)


He and I slugged it out in the Pit a few months back over the issue of drug testing. The problem I have with Daniel is that he has a hard time dealing with abstractions. He’s good with concrete facts, but he doesn’t seem to extrapolate very well.

But over time, I’ve found that Daniel and I agree on more things that we disagree on. He’s a good kid.

Oh, any number of them.

I used to be really annoyed by Homer and Silver Fire. Really, incredibly annoyed.

I didn’t like Upham at first, never liked Jack Dean Tyler, and currently don’t like webmastr.

I gave Nacho4Sara absolutely no credit and didn’t like her much until I got to know her.

But then, there are the posters I liked at first and now don’t care so much about.

Posters that I didn’t like, but do now? As much as I hate to admit it, Silo’s actually pretty cool. No, cool isn’t the right word… Ummm, tolerable? Yeah, that works. :wink:

Lizard. Although I have to confess I pretty much liked him off the bat.

Also, and I am sure this will surprise some people, Coldfire. He responded to an early post of mine in a way that got my dander up. After a time, I realize that given the way my post was written (leaving out some information) I couldn’t blame him for thinking I was an ignoramus.

Or we’re just one huge happy family and we (nearly) all love everyone else.

(Well, it could happen.)

I don’t know why. At first, he just really seemed to rub me the wrong way but it didn’t take long for him to become one of my favorites! Now, about this other thread where we discuss those posters we used to like but don’t now, I got a bunch of them!