What Posters Do You "Think" Don't Like You?

I’d just love to show up in one of these “What Poster…” threads, and as I’m not particularly paranoid and haven’t ever really felt than anyone hated me, I’d just like to go on record saying that I, Athena, hate each and every one of you. Feel free to have me head your list, since I do indeed hate you.

It’ll never work, Athena. You’re just too adorable. You’ll have to put forth way more effort in being a jerk if you want any one of us to start hating you. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

That one by Escher: Has a hand holding a mirrored globe that’s showing a weird reflection of the guy holding the globe. Always gave me the creeps and I know it hates me.

Also, my cousin, when she was a pre-teen had a picture of Scott Baio (or other teen hunk), minus his shirt, arms crossed and hands stuck under his armpits (why?) that, even after all these years, I can remember had the caption “Tough ‘n’ Tender Scott Baio”. I hated that poster.

I do like most of Escher’s other posters, I’m a big fan of Maxfield Parrish and somewhere I have a copy of the ‘Marching Hammers’ poster from The Wall and I’m sure they all have warmest of feelings for me.


I don’t know, but I suspect that Athena doesn’t like me. Just a feeling.


I always suspected you thought you were better than everyone else.

You bitch.

Well, with 12,374 registered users at this moment I can honestly say that I am indifferent to 99.88686% of you. And I only dislike 0.00024244% of you.

So that is much better than my feelings for the people in the local chapter of Aryan Nation.

I think Tymp doesn’t like me. I’m not steadfast or indifferent enough for him. Plus, I don’t wear enough sweaters.

I know which posters don’t like me. The ones that I’m not sure about, I assume don’t have too much of an opinion of me, or not enough to go on to establish a disliking towards me. I don’t really care either way though.

sniff sniff…nobody likes me…sob, sob sob

From Casablanca:
Ugarte: You despise me, don’t you?
Rick Blaine: If I gave you any thought I probably would.

I’m pretty sure Captain Amazing doesn’t like me. Damn self-esteem problems…

hehehehe… my plan is working… except for that one guy, Tymp. I just don’t think he likes me.

And CnoteChris, I am better than you. All of you. Now how’s THAT for adorable?!?

(sheeesh… adorable… I don’t think ANYONE has EVER called me adorable before. That’s what you call puppies and valentines, not crazed Goddesses looking for people to smite.)

Hastur does not like me.

Rasa, my darling, how could I not like you? Not enough sweaters? Dear me! Please don’t start thinking that putting more clothes on is the way to win my heart!

Aww! Athena! You’re so cute when you’re smiting mortals!

I dunno about any posters, but I think Charles Kuralt has been tearing up my garden.

Let me add that I also know for a fact that my poster of Escher’s Ascending and Descending hates me. The little men on the stairs are thinking about me as they endlessly march. Each hopeless step angers them more as they think “Fenris! Must! Pay!”, but their blank faces give no hints of their true feelings. Only their stoop-shouldered posture reveals their hatred of me. One day they will escape the endless prison of steps and on that day…

I am afraid to go home, knowing this.

I fear for my safety.

Yours in terror…


especially waterj2

the nice thing about paranoia is that it makes life so simple.

Dal Timgar

While I know there a few posters who don’t like me, having recently been told that I have a “rather slutty” reputation on the boards (no!), I’m fairly sure that I am not widely respected. Does that count? :wink:


You’re a slut? My opinion of you is getting better by the minute.


Angry women turn me on. So to me, you do look adorable.

Seriously TMI.
(And since each of you are already part of separate conjugal relationships, doesn’t that pretty well blow your “straight arrow” image, Bill?)