The most beloved and despised posters

Who are they? It’ll help refine my searching.

I’d have to say I’m the most despised. . .

I usually post every other day or so. And every once in awhile I’ll post something that’s actually pretty good, so as to get people to want to read more. But after that for awhile I’ll usually post mundane crap.

So, because some look for my stuff but get dissapointed, I think I’m the most despised. :slight_smile:
But I do have my moments. :smiley:

I said Most beloved and despised.

Not the Most full of himself poster.

Okay, duly noted. I’m the biggest jackass. . .

From this thread:

I sincerely hope this puts this question to rest now and you’ll leave the search engine, the use of which tends to put a rather large drain on the board’s resources, for those of us who are not looking to stir up controversy.

Thank you.

I was joking with you btw Tripler.

I’ll lay off the search engine if that’s the case Shayna.


(Pssst . . . brilliant, Shayna!)

Despised you say? Hmmmm…

Ya know, they’re giving out AWARDS for this.

I have a feeling this will be the only time I’m mentioned in this thread… I’m just a background type doper I guess.

Ah Krispy, lots of people probably despise you, but I think you are okay (at least thats what that being in the ufo told me the other night):wink:


For *both *titles. :slight_smile:

Bosda : And you Win! But its a tie…

I, of course, am the most beloved poster.

You know, SuaSponte
S-U-A-S-P-O …
ahh, forget it


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Well, I think we’ve got half of it answered.

Oh, I don’t think so. There are people much more despised here. Some aren’t even banned.

So, I don’t come here much, don’t know all that’s happened, and I don’t get it- whyd’ it get banned? Abrupt, somewhat trollish, but I kinda thought it was showing signs of civilization, coming around a little.

Just asking for a shortish answer, without having to chase all of it’s threads down- (I do know it started lots of them)if anybody’s got one.

FWIW- I also think it’s been around in a previous incarnation, it showed knowledge of the ‘way of the boards’[sup]tm[/sup]- minus a few faux’s pas, which, it seemed to correct…

I know. I still think I’m The SDMB’s Biggest Jackass


I’m not sure but you may find the answer here

This humble lurker would suggest it is PurpleBear who is the most beloved- altho several of the girl-flirty types are in close running.

That maroon who could only talk about foreskins was likely the most despised.