Posters who don't irritate you.

Maybe this should have been in IMHO, but it’s really dumb, so I posted it here.

Just list a few members who don’t irritate you. I know, it’s going to be most of them, but I’m just asking for a few. Like this:

Posters who don’t irritate me -[ul]Rue DeDay - Even if I have nothing to contribute, I can still read his threads and laugh.

FairyChatMom - Duh.

welby - He’s funny and stuff.

Scylla - Masterful. Sure, he gets political once in a while, but I tend to agree with him, so he doesn’t irritate me.

Fenris - I love most of his stuff (the stuff I don’t love is stuff I don’t understand, like when he talks about musical theater). Same as ** Scylla** on the “politics” thing.

Anthracite - When she makes an authoritative statement, you can take it to the bank. I’d ask her to marry me, but she plays for the other team. And she might hit me on the head with a big wrench or something.

beegirl13 - She had a link to a thread I started in her sig for a while. I only found out about it recently. Keep posting, kid. We like you.

Coldfire, Unclebeer, and Cajun Man - for not moving this to the Pit where I’ll get my but flamed off. Or, in the alternative, closing it before it gets completely embarassing for lame.[/ul]

Which posters don’t irritate you?

Quagdop the Mercotian (sorry if I butchered your name) has got to be one of the best posters on the board. The guy is always willing to give appropriate levels of accurate medical info as well as share his unbelieveble knowledge of all of Middle Earth.

Also just seems like a hell of a nice guy.

Gotta say Aesiron. He picked up on a real shitty week of heavy emotional content I was having a while back and e-mailed me privately instead of letting it be misread in a Trek thread. Tha’s a real person.
Vivalostwages 'cause she’s so damn cute! Mind, personality, and looks. (I’m a fairly good photographer, girlie, so no more “My online Pics make me look funny/weird” stuff. I think you’re pretty and your pic is fine. Let me do one up real nice for ya, if you need to see your beauty for yourself.) She was my 1st Doper Crush and is still my fave Doper Crush.

Q.E.D. has never given me a right answer, not even once, so he gets a vote here, too. gotcha ya! :slight_smile:

Skeezix. I like.

Flammebaby, you’re amazing. FlammsteretteX or however she does it…

All of the airplane loving Dopers! That was a really nice thread, thanks to y’all.

CRorex’s posts never fail to amuse, educate, and terrify me.

lieu’s pretty darn funny.

Scylla’s rants have been A+ material from the famous Nazi Groundhog thread on.

CelticCowboy once sent me a book I couldn’t find anywhere, thereby ensuring his place on the Cool List of Coolness.

Okay, this was destined to become yet another “post your favorite posters” thread from the start, wasn’t it?

It just had that one little fatal flaw:

THE INITIAL PREMISE WAS STUPID, and anybody with an IQ in the room-temperature range could pick out the huge gaping hole.

It’s just like that “Unknown Posters” thread I started. The hole in the premise for this thread is big enough to drive a truck through.

Seriously, given what I presented in the OP, you have to discount the posters who do irritate you, but you can’t list your favorites, because that would be “damning them with faint praise.” I listed a few of my favorites anyway.

Therefore, we must conclude that I have come up with yet another stuipd idea. An inability to learn is indicative of something serious, right?

Yeesh. I need to turn the “think before you post” circuit in my brain back on.

Exgineer does not irritate me. Can we dub him patron saint of newbies?

Cecil Adams does not irritate me. Much. :smiley:

elucidatorI just love reading his sarcastic and funny comments**

**X-Slayer(ALE)Sometimes we agree, most times we don’t, but it’s always in a non-irritating way.

London Calling

Those are the names that spring to mind.

Since I’ve started, there’s only been two posters that rub me like a hair shirt. One of them has gone away and the other I just skip the reading of. (No, I do NOT use “Ignore List”. Ever. I think it is un-Dope.) Oh wait, there’s another one around here once in a while, but we don’t cross paths too often.

So, other than that no one really irritates me. Everyone else is my Best Friend Ever.

Except for Exgineer. He’s a whiney little git.
-Rue. (the kidder of Ex)

This is about the fourth or fifth “popularity contest” thread I’ve seen is the last two weeks.

Does the winner get anything?
Every time one of these threads gets started, the same 25 posters get listed. Do egos need to be stroked that often?

Damn right! I agree with Casey1505!

only because we never get a mention.

garius is my most favouritest poster ever. Even more favourite than Casey1505.

I like you too Exgineer. You’re funnier than me. Neither of us is funnier than Rue though. I think that would take a compact witht he devil or something. Oddly enough, most of my “they don’t annoy me types” are the same ones on your list, though I also find the many different bears fun to read, and everybody else mentioned in the thread except for that welby bastard. I don’t like him one bit. Fairy Chat Mom is one of my favorites, mainly because she brought cake to the NOVA Dope and because she’s clever.

And Eutychus. I like Euty too.

Hmm. Now that I think about it, I get the feeling you’re trying to get some kind of cool poster clique started. I don’t want to be part of a clique, I always get thrown out.

Suddenly I find you strangely attractive, Rue.

C’mon on here to my place, sugar.

You all irritate me! Like sand in a wet bathing suit! Now get off of my land before I sick my dogs on you!

Go on! Git!

:: shoots shotgun full of rock salt at all the posters in this thread ::

Mmmm… Rock salt… :::drool:::

Easy tiger! If they offer you a chance to join then take it.

Most cliques and elitist groups these days have all sorts of benefits on membership - from affordable pension schemes to family health care plans. Hell, with the Free Masons you get a 15% discount at Walmart.

I’m sure Straightdope’s own Interesting Times Gang has similar benefits if you ask.

Lissla Lissar doesn’t irritate me.

There you go, kid.


Kid? Kid?

I wouldn’t believe a word he says Lissa. Looks like you irritated him to the point that he made a post just for you.
I, on the other hand, hold you in the highest respect.

Ahem. It’s Lissla, welby. “The highest respect” huh?