Do you have a favorite site to find pictures, clip art and fonts?

I use Google Images a lot. But it’s not good for specifying types of images, like clip art.
I used to use but they cut back on all of their screening options and I now find them impossible to use.
Most of my once-favorite font sites are now dead links.

Here’s my favorite fonts site:

I use these but some are better than others, as you might guess.


You can also go to Google, Yahoo or AltaVista. Click on Images, and search for “free clip art” (with quote marks). You can also add to that whatever topic you are looking for, (ie, “free clip art”, dogs)

Always check the user rules, not all images on all “free” sites are free. I’ve found the ‘market’ changes, so, as a heavy user, I check back every 3 or 6 months.


I also search for “free fonts” when I’m in need.