Do you have a job in computer repair? Could I interview you?

Ok, for a school research project I am doing I need to have at least three interviews with people that have an occupation in computer repair. I already have two, but because of my location, there really isn’t anyone else to talk to in my area. So I turn to The Straight Dope. If you have an occupation in this field, I would really like to interview you. All the questions are “What do you like/dislike about the job” type stuff, nothing hard. Its pretty short too, it would probably take less than five minutes to fill out. If you would like to help, there are two conditions:

  1. It must be done by email.
  2. I would need your full name. I would need to give this and your email address to my teacher in case she wanted to check my sources. All this means is that she may or may not email you, asking if I really did interview you.

If you could do this for me it would be really, really, appreciated. Thanks.

Sure. My address is I’m an IT manager and most of my time is actually spent tending to network infrastructure as well as policy-writing/enforcing, but this job (as have all my others) includes computer repair. Send me your questionnaire and I’ll reply promptly.

Sure, count me in if software support falls into what you are looking for. I don’t actually repair hardware but I do diagnose hardware/network issues as well as fix software.


I do software support as well, which usually includes a little hardware diagnostic, and a lot of PC troubleshooting & component swapping at home.

Email’s in profile…

I’m a systems admin for a school system. As a result I wear many hats here. In addition to networking and internet connection support, I also do computer setup, configuration and repair.

My e-mail is listed in my SD Profile if you would like to interview me.

Feel free. My email’s in my profile. I have done DEC VAX systems and quite a few Intel-based systems as well as networks and a large quantity of pain-in-the-butt peripherals.


I sent out an email to all five of you. Theres no big rush, just try and respond within a day or so. Thanks for your help.