Do you have a thermostat?

Inspired by this thread.

The house I’ve been in for the last year has no thermostat, no AC, and while there is a heater setup, it consists of some crazy in-wall gas contraptions that look like they’re from 1954 and have a tendency to leak gas, so we turned them all off.

Anyone else out there have no climate control other than the sun?

Well, there is a heating system, but it’s shared throughout the entire apartment building, so we have no control over it whatsoever. Naturally, the temp is set so that the people on the first 2 floors are comfortable, so that means that everyone above (we’re on the 5th of 10 floors) suffocates during the winter! If we kept the windows closed, it would easily top 30 deg C in here! So we basically leave the windows open year-round. During the summer, the heating is off (thankfully!) but it still gets hot, so we have a series of fans throughout the apartment which get the air flowing and it’s mildly bearable.

We will have control of the heating in our next apartment in Montreal (one more month…whee!) and we will likely keep it relatively cool, even in the winter. Saves money, and it’s just the way we like it. No A/C, though, so it remains to be seen how hot it will get during the summer. The windows at the back are shaded all day by trees, and there is a small tree in front of the front windows, so that should help, but the living room faces the west.

Either way, it will be better than here!

I havffe AC but it’s just a small in-wall unit. I dont’ use it often 'cause I like it warm and I’m cheap. And when I do run it, I just have to choose what shade of blue to set the dial.

I also haven’t been able to get my big heater working so I usually just amek do with the small gas heater in the bathroom and occasionally the burners when it’s really cold.

So I do have Ac and heat but no thermostat.

I heated with wood for about 12 years. No thermostat there.

Now we have a propane stove in the main living area. I did hook it up to a thermostat. It’s great. I can come home in the dead of winter and the house is reasonably warm. I don’t have to spend the first half hour of the evening building a fire.

We usually kick the t-stat down to the low 60’s when we leave in the morning. And I’d bump it up when I would get home.

The real nice thing about a stove is that if you’re a bit chilly, just sit closer to it. Or if you just came in from -20f, hover over the thing.

And no AC. No need for it here.

No. My place has no heating or air conditioning. I leave the windows open all year round. When it gets cold I put on a jumper.