Do you have any non-Christmas-themed Christmas moives?

Somebody mentioned in another thread that he and his wife got a DVD player and a copy of The Exorcist for Christmas one year, which they watched that day and since then it’s become a Christmas tradition for them to watch The Exorcist every Christmas.

My cousin’s kids (now in their twenties) watch the Disney version of Robin Hood every Christmas. I’m not sure but it may be for the same reason of having received it as a Christmas gift one year.

Do you have any movies, which have nothing inherently to do with Christmas, that you or your family watches as a holiday tradition?

No, but every Mother’s Day, I rent Psycho and, if I’m in the mood for it, Throw Momma From the Train

Many years ago, British TV used to have a Christmas tradition where one channel would show Oliver, and the other side would show a James Bond movie. This was back in the days when there was only 3 channels over here.

Well, It’s a Wonderful Life has very little to do with Christmas, but seems for some reason to be a Christmas classic.

Are you my cousin? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was helping raise my stepkids, that one was our traditional Christmas movie. We didn’t get it as a Christmas gift, but loved it so much that it became the only non-Christmas tape that we watched every year during our annual movie marathon during the holidays.


I thought this thread was going to be about movies like Die Hard, Go, and The Ice Harvest. You know, movies set at Christmas that aren’t really “Christmas movies.”

As for the OP, no, not really. I usually con someone into watching the Christmas episode of the X-Files, but that’s as far as our annual viewing strays from Christmas films & specials.

Somehow, some years ago, we started a new family tradition on Christmas Eve: order pizza for dinner and watch family-friendly movies (this spared me having to cook on Christmas Eve, when I had such a huge cooking day coming up on Christmas). About five years ago, one of our Christmas Eve movies was The Princess Bride. We always watch A Christmas Carol, but for some reason, ever since the first year we watched TPB on Christmas Eve, it’s become a standard.