Do you have dreams that come true?

I don’t mean day dreams or wanting to get rich, but the ones you have at night or early in the morning.
Perhaps warning dreams … warning you of dangers ahead.
I don’t really believe in dreams … most are just entertaining, but I did have one special dream over thirty years ago (boy, that’s a long time, uh?) Very colorful, very detailed, very real.

In this dream everyone was in a K-Mart type of casino in the desert (I suspect Laughlin, Nevada) with lots of large tinted windows that you could see the slot machines and the gamblers. All of a sudden everyone started running outside yelling and screaming that something had happen. The air raid sirens were going off as I ran outside too asking what had happen? Someone said a train accident over the Colorado River. I looked down and my pants leg was caught up above the socks with my exposed skin all red. I remember going to my van and the gas tank was empty and I didn’t have enough gas to get out of town.

Then I woke up … of course that never really did happen, but I’ve kept my gas tank full ever since.

My dreams sometimes come true; but only in the sense that I often dream of being at work, with everyone jabbering nonsense around me.

Sadly, no. I can’t fly.

As a teenager I had a dream where I kissed a girl who bore a resemblance to Ms. P at that age.

True story: I had a dream that Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident. That morning on the way to work I heard on my car radio that Sonny Bono had died in a skiing accident.

It freaked me out all day until I realized what had (probably) happened. This was in the years before I started using a CPAP for my sleep apnea, and I usually hit my snooze button 2 or 3 times every morning. I probably heard about Sonny on my clock-radio while still mostly asleep, hit the snooze buttton, and incorporated the news into my dream. At least that’s the only explanation that makes sense.

Oh hell no, gladly never. My dreams are so surreal and sometimes frightening (I constantly have strange nightmares), I’d never wanted them to come true.

I actually did have one that came true a few years ago. I dreamed I was in a store and there was a bunch of change on the floor and I picked it all up. The next day I went to Kroger. In the lane in front of the door someone had dropped a bunch of change. I stopped cars and picked up all the silver (around $5). I left the pennies and when I came out, someone had gotten them. It was a really strange coincidence.

Years ago, I took a long trip driving around the USA.

A couple of weeks before I was due to leave, I had a short and extremely vivid dream. In this dream, I’d been driving along a curving road in the mountains, and I must have been going too fast: because, in the moment of the dream, I had just driven off the road and over the edge of a cliff. It was a very long way down. And the thought in my mind in the dream was ‘Five seconds ago, I could have slowed down. And now I’m going to die.’

That’s all there was to the dream; just that moment right after I’d driven off the cliff.

I drove a number of roads like that on that trip around the country. And I did not drive them fast.

So maybe that one didn’t come true because I dreamed it.

Isaac Asimov said in an essay that coincidences are inevitable and what would be really weird is a world where they never occurred. So it’s quite possible that someone might dream, for example, that a celebrity announced their engagement, just because it’s common to dream about celebrities. And then that celebrity might actually get engaged. Given how many millions of people have dreams every night, what are the odds? Pretty high, actually.

I do have dreams that “come true” fairly often, but I don’t think psychic ability is necessary to explain them. I often dream of rather iconic landscapes - sloping city streets with tall brick buildings everywhere; beaches with crystalline waters that remain shallow for a long, long ways out; country roads with one lone house and driveway. Such tableaux exist in real life, and when I come across one that matches what I saw in my dreams, it’s an eerie feeling. But as much as I’d like to have some kind of paranormal powers, I don’t think I do.

I’ve had 3 dreams that have come true, but 2 of them are easily explained away by subconscious observation

  • I dreamed a friend told me he was gay a few months before he told me he was gay
  • I dreamed that my then-crush would date one of my friends about 2 weeks before they in fact started dating
  • I dreamed that I saw a poster for the band Tonic announcing an upcoming concert at my university. The actual concert date was announced 2 or 3 months later

The first two, obviously I sensed something even if I wasn’t really aware of it. The last one? There are only so many reasonably popular bands that could possibly come to a college campus, I guess.

Thankfully, no. My maternal grandmother never wrestled a bear. And one of my close high school friends never gave me her baby because she didn’t want it (she never had a baby…)

Closest I came was waking once, furious at a coworker who’d pissed me off in a dream. In reality, I didn’t much like her, but she mostly just annoyed me so I was never pushed to be furious.

No, but they could happen to you if you’re you gat heart.

I meant to say when you’re young at heart!

On a couple of occasions I’ve dreamed of being awakened by my alarm clock. And then I was subsequently awakened by my alarm clock.

I failed to heed the warnings and suffered the consequences.

Ditto. My dreams rarely have a linear narrative. When they do, it’s usually something unpleasant, albeit, there’s a reason.

For example, once when I was sick, congested, and mouth-breathing most of the night so that my mouth and throat got very dry, I dreamed that large flying insects kept coming out of my mouth, and it was painful.

When I was pregnant, I had lots of dreams where I brought the baby home, then forgot I had him, didn’t feed him, and he starved to death.

So genuine physical discomfort, and high anxiety about something are the main reasons I have dreams that have a discernible narrative. Other than that, they’re just vignettes of images and other sensory experiences, and strange things happening that couldn’t happen in the real world, like streams of colors coming out of my ears.

I have synesthesia, and sometimes is manifests in ways in my dreams that is doesn’t in the real world, which might be a reflection of my desire to have other people understand what I’m experiencing, but it still happens in a non-linear, non-narrative fashion.

Never had a dream come true, which is fine, cause who wants to suddenly be in Organic Chemistry for a final exam you aren’t prepared for without your pants.

Trivia: I was skiing at Heavenly that day.

I had a dream my Mother(whose been dead many years) was showing me a large book. She was pointing at a particular page. She never spoke but I felt like she wanted me to read where she pointed.
I looked at the page and it was blank. I kept asking her what I was supposed to see. I woke up.
It bothered me. I called Daddy and wasn’t able to talk to him.
He had an anuerysm the next day and was dead before I could get to him.
I felt/feel guilty about it.

I asked the Doctor and he said there was no way to be forewarned about these things. It didn’t help, at that time.
I’ve since came to understand there wasn’t anything I could do. Dream or not.

Not yet. And I hope a dream that I had two nights ago does not come true, because in the dream I had cancer.