Do your dreams come true in your dreams?

Do you get what you want in your dreams?

Within the last few weeks I have had the same type of dream a few times… and I have woken up really frustrated and depressed, thinking “Damn, not even in my dreams!”. Here’s a bit of history so you’ll know what I mean:

About 12 years ago I was in a very complicated relationship. She was my first real girlfriend and also the first person I had sex with. The problem was: she was only experimenting with me (I am female) and kept me around while still going out (and sleeping with) her boyfriend. To cut a long story short: the sexual part of the relationship ceased to exist even though she would bait and tease me the whole time. I don’t believe there was any bad intention, but basically she used me to stroke her ego (and whatever else needed stroking). After about 5 years of torment I came to my senses and broke off all contact with her. She is now married (but not to the guy she was with before) and has a child. I have a wonderful girlfriend now (since 5 years) and am quite happy, content and settled down. I have some scars (emotional and physical, since I used to be a cutter in difficult times - my arms look like I have a bar code) but feel OK now.

Even though, I still think of Ex-GF sometimes and I also dream of her. The mean part is: not even in my dreams do I get her. In my dreams she is always married and the situation is basically the way it used to be - she’s leading me on and I feel like an idiot.

Is that weird or not? Why don’t I have a happy affair with her in my dreams, wake up and am in a good mood? I do have dreams where I have sex with people every once in a while, but never with her. It seems that I have internalized that she is off limits, bad news or whatever…

Anyway… Do your dreams come true in your dreams? Do you get what you wish for?

Some dreams, sometimes, yes.

The one I get most often is I’ve won the lottery, or at the very least have come into possession of several thousand dollars (minimum has been $25,000). I then excitedly start planning what I’ll do witht the money, what I’d buy my folks, where I’d like to have my horse ranch, etc.

Then I wake up.

I hate that dream.

So common has it become, I actually started realizing in the dream that it was a dream–bursting my bubble deliberately before I get too carried away in my subconcious state. “OOooh! Ooh! I have $10,000,000! I’ll get a new car, and buy mom a Jag, and…shit. This is another dream, isn’t it?!”

I really do hate that dream.

Well, sometimes. If I’m busy brooding over something during the day, chances are, I’ll be dreaming about it that night. Although last night, I dreamt I was watching Gandhi in a bedsheet running down the street, laughing…

But my dreams tend to run along the lines of my subconscious making fun of me. My dreams never involve my dreams coming true - if anything, my dreams involve everything going to hell in a handbasket and I’m left holding the rope.

Sometimes. Usually my dreams are just strange and/or unpleasant. These dreams I don’t mind. They’re a bit freaky, but not really a problem. Good dreams are EVIL. Here’s why:

I wake up in the morning. My brain is still semi-asleep so I’m not at my most rational, and my memory has a little bit of trouble distinguishing between memories of dream and reality, so I think “Wow. I feel great. X happened to my yesterday”. For the next 5 minutes or so I lie there in a content daze, over the course of which the various areas of my brain start waking up. At around that time I suddenly get a sinking realisation “Shit. I was dreaming, wasn’t I?”. After about a minute of thought, I confirm that it was in fact just a dream. I then proceed to be pissed off for several hours after that.

Happened to me this morning actually, first time in a while. I tend not to dream much.