Do you have Good and Evil siblings?

I have two sisters, my Good sister and my Evil sister. I describe them as such to friends (fortunately my Evil sister lives some distance away in another city, and there is no crossover in our lives except at holidays). Even my Good sister knows I describe her as the Good sister, and has taken up my “Evil sister” term to describe our sibling.

When I describe these relationships to others, a very common response I get is, “Ya know I feel exactly that way about my ________ (brothers/sisters), but I don’t actually use those words.”

Then we have an interesting discussion of why our sibling is evil. Most of the Evil ones are like my syster, not TRULY MOVIE EVIL; more like completely self-absorbed, unreliable, judgemental and loud about it, needy yet unwilling to lift a finger when someone else needs something.

May I add manipulative, abusive, lying waste of human skin?

Well, your description plus these above are my sister who is 4 years younger.

She was a constant cause of frustration, hatred and tears throughout the years - both for me and my parents. Even now I can’t stand her. My folks always told me that as the older sister it was up to me to make up to her and try to be more kind… wwwhhh… Yeah right. I tried and only ever got more grief. It was only a couple years ago when my folks and I were chatting did they finally admit I was right. She was a bad person - in many ways - and they’d had enough of her BS.

Enough said, she’s a cowbag and a half and can rot for all I care.

Hubby, Kal, has 2 sisters and a brother. Brother isn’t so bad, but the sisters… Both a piece of work. One sounds like your sister or my sister but the other actually is Pure Evil incarnate.

Yeah, I have one seemingly nice sister, but you can’t let down your guard around her. She will always find ways to get her way at your expense. The other sister is nice, but being the middle child and too close in age to the other sister, she’s kind of a lost cause. She means well, but often makes her own trouble… - Jinx

I only have one sibling, and he’s great. We do, however, when we’re trying to get something over on our parents (yeah, we’re both in our 30s, so what?) pre-plan elaborate Good Cop, Bad Cop routines (so rather Good Kid, Bad Kid) to herd the poor 'rents into doing what we want them to do. Does that count? Does that mean we’re both evil?

I’ve got one sibling, a brother, and he’s both! :eek:

At times, he’s an angel, all smiles, and “Oh, what a wonderful sister I have in Angua”, and at others he’s evil incarnate. Does this count then?

Mind you, when we want to get one over on our parents, we’re both wonderful :slight_smile:

Yup. One bad sister, one mediocre brother, and me–the perfect child.

One of my brothers is a reject from hell.

I’m an only child. I’m my own Good and Evil siblings.

I am the evil sibling. Bwahahahaha! Seriously, all 4 of my sibs describe me that way. :smiley:

Yes, if “evil” means “nasty little sack of crap who’s a self-concieted matyr-complex filled snot” and “spawn of Satan” then you have Captain Rocko’s evil twin.

I think I’m the evil sibling, though I’m pretty nice to my family. My brother is not evil, but very Republican. One of my sisters is a nice lady, and another is practically a saint. I had a sister who was also rather beatific, though she didn’t seem to like kids much, and since she was murdered when I was 12 my memories of her are of a not-terribly-nice person.

Hmmm - both my sisters are fine. Does that make me the evil one by default?


Yeah…eldest sister is the evil one, next in line is the good one. Neither of us have spoken to the evil one in many years, and the next time our paths will cross will probably be at our mothers funeral…

Who ever said blood was thicker than water obviously hasn’t met my sister…:smiley:

It’s the same for me. Being both the Good Daughter and the Bad Daughter can be somewhat odd.

My brother (the oldest) isn’t evil, he’s just an asshole. My sister (middle child) is also known as “Saint Pat” but I love her anyway.

“They’re evil twins! Well, one of them is an evil twin. The other is just a twin.”

I have a very bad sister at first from the moment she was born she caused my mother a horrible life threatening breached birth but I truly believe the evil in her wanted to be incarnated as my mother survived the birth I remember saying no no outside my mothers window to her room I couldn’t see in but I knew this soul was bad news!
I looked up and cried my tears fell for my mother I had a vision this child would end her life maybe even that day but timing was 6 decades later she took everything my mother had worked so hard for her father my father became more narcissistic toward my mother when she was born never showing emotion toward my mother’s pain just a selfish child no heart or soul … But I continued on focusing on my path and made every effort to keep her away even if I had to be fierce I would so that our parents would keep our schedules apart her energy would drain me no wonder my mum wanted me to watch her she needed a big break from this horrible child but I just couldn’t anymore she was always manipulative if I was asked to do a task she would surely make sure I wouldn’t get it done in time and then my mother would take it out on me she did this through out our entire childhood until one day she managed to turn my mother against me … I decided to move far away although it hurt me to leave my mother it was necessary to I was finding myself happier and I was able to heal from the distorted dis-functionality of my family … before she was born I was so close to my mother I only got 4 yrs of her life to myself before you knew it it was less and less time until it was the end can you believe this monster … my sister stayed home until the age of 37 isn’t it time to put the big girly pants on like the Aloe plant if the child Aloe plant does not detach itself soon enough the mother Aloe will dye … at this stage she had worked my mother to the ground… never once did she call me to join her and my mum she would bribe me just to see my own mother or talk to her or feel any love from her Jealous evil treacherous ignorant looser that she is but thank god that he made love much stronger because she isn’t loved and she knows it… she had achieved nothing just barely working up until she was 33 a complete taker … she depressed my mother so bad my mother became tired so tired and depressed as her life had gone by so quick and nothing had been wholly her own and she never got to truly live it she missed out on so much I think most kids get there big pants on sooner than 37 evil is the shadow that likes to lurk unseen but uses you to survive so if you find this is happening to you my advice is don’t wait and cut this relationship off immediately or it will consume you … my sister never called once and once my mum got sick it was all about you fix it what do you mean me fix what you have broken … that’s what your calling for what a damn shame she will definitely be in grievance for the rest of her life she separates people she is bisexual and hides it no guy’s want to date her she puts people down but she’s the lonely looser always acting busy as hell doing very little at all to achieve anything grand or valuable … My mother realizes only now I guess it’s better than never she told me to cut her out of my life completely that she will be on her own and she is Evil. My mother couldn’t believe it saying she did this to me she was driving my mothers soul out she uses magic on her own family and people but it doesn’t work if you know how to reverse the Evil and I did onto her she is going to hide in fear when my mother is gone she will have no one no family and in time others will find her very strange and weird she will become a complete outcast of society growing old with no help to pick herself up off the floor when she falls down the stairs to hell .

But do you have an evil zombie sibling?

(note that this thread is from 2002…)

Besides me, my pain in the ass brother has two other younger siblings. He was “It” when we were little.

I don’t know what he did to the second youngest but on my computer is a picture from Labor Day '73, you can tell she’s looking at him with “what is It up to now” on her mind while leaning on Dad for protection.

I’m lucky, I guess- all my siblings have turned out to be genuinely good people. Indeed, on the whole, most of the people in my family that I disliked when I was growing up look a lot better in retrospect.

Maybe… I was the evil one and didn’t know it???