Do you have lower back/ass dimples?

I do! I didn’t really know because I never really backed my ass up into a mirror. I did notice it in some…photographs, a few years back. Then someone mentioned them in the thread on tramp stamp tattoos.

So I figured I’d start a little poll.

I also found out that they’re called Dimples of Venus. How awesome is that?

I have them but they’re not very deep - more like shallow depressions than ‘dimples’. My boyfriend has them too and his are more dimple-y. I only voted for myself.

Female, voted yes.

I thought the dimples were called “cellulite,” and that I’m supposed to feel obligated to spend money to eradicate them. :frowning:

I don’t think they’re cellulite. Or at least what I have isn’t. I have like a ridiculously low fat level on my body and I have them. They’re not even in a very fatty area…

Dimples of Venus, just in case anyone is confused.

Yes, I have them - female. I think they’re hot!

Oh dear. I was (obviously) thinking of something else, then.

[Emily Litella] Never mind! [/Emily Litella]

I can touch mine, but they’re not near as pronounced as those of the woman in the wiki page. They can be seen straight-on or not depending on the lighting. They’re more pronounced when I’m less chubby (needtoloseweightneedtoloseweight…)

Voted yes.

Male, got 'em; SO loves 'em. She might be slightly obsessed, in fact. Hers aren’t as pronounced.

Don’t got 'em… don’t really care about 'em. Don’t even know if my husband has 'em. I think I’ll have to check now, though. I’m kinda curious.

I’m still confused.

I ain’t looking back there for that.

Do you see the two dimples just above the bikini line in this picture?

ETA: Did you just woosh me?

Damn, I thought you meant ass cellulite. I answered Male/No… but that doesn’t change the fact that I have neither ass cellulite nor dimples of… well, what are they called on a dude?

We appreciate your efforts to fight ignorance, **EmAnJ **- do keep posting pictures until all of us are clear on the definition…


How do you NOT have them?That is where the posterior superior iliac spines are, even if you have a lot of fat on your back, or do not look back there, they are usually there. It is an easy landmark to use locating other deeper anatomical features

I answered male no, but after reading the thread, I honestly have no freaking idea.

I don’t have 'em, and the wiki article in this thread says that they’re rare.

Yes, I do. Rare? Yay!

Well, just look at the pictures that EmAnJ posted. If you have that, you have them.

No whoosh, I just wasn’t sure which back depressions the Wikipedia picture meant. Your pic is a lot clearer. Thanks.