Do you have signatures turned off?

Easy one – a quick yes or no question: Do you see your fellow posters’ signatures?

I didn’t know you could turn them off.

Now that I know, my answer might change quickly!

I don’t remember turning them off, but I just checked my CP and sure enough, they’re off. Is “off” the default? I know that I see a lot of sign-offs (“Regards…”, “Enjoy…”) that aren’t technically “signatures,” but I could also swear that I’ve been seeing actual sig-lines as well.

I bet you’re going to get some inaccurate responses based on confusion about what actually is or isn’t a signature and people thinking they have one setting when they really have the other.

Or I could just be the stupidest person on the board. I can’t rule it out for certain.

I’m pretty sure “on” is the default for seeing them.

And by “them,” I’m referring to the automatic version of the signature line connected to your profile, the one that you click “show signature” to show. The ones that people type out by hand every time are signature equivalents (and let’s not start yet another series of Pit battles about what that equivalence consists of) that are visible to everyone, even those who have toggled signatures “off.”

Whatever is default - so I think mine is on.

Show signatures is turned on for me.

I used to have it set on.

But then one particular poster’s sigs started getting obnoxious, so I turned them off.

I didn’t know you could turn them off, and guess I don’t understand why you’d want to…

I do, but they’re far less interesting since they banned the use of hotlinks in them.

I thought I had. I do now, though. There was a poster who didn’t like people hiding his signature, so he* pasted it into his post every single time*. I just ignored him altogether. That’s obnoxious.

Other’s sigs are annoying. Off, off, off.

Yeah, I’ve got them turned off. I really don’t understand those people who have to sign their posts above and beyond their signature. Fortunately, I can use FoxReplace to change their ever so boring and presumptuous sign-offs to the thoughts I really have about them. After all this time, I still get a giggle from their altered sigs.

I don’t remember ever actively turning it off, but I never see them, so it must be off.

I’m one of those odd ducks who would be happy with personalisation like avatars, but despise signatures.

They did? When?


On any other board I’d turn them off, because I’ve seen some mega-monster-sized sigs that make it truly hard to read a thread.

Here, I hardly ever see them (as in not too many people have them) and if I do see them, they’re never intrusive.

Plus I think vB is set to only show a poster’s sig once per thread. That’s nice.

Yes, because that’s the default and I don’t care about it.

I have ‘show signature’ checked in the User CP but it doesn’t show up when I post unless I click on the ‘show your signature’ in miscellaneous options on the reply to thread page.