Do You Have The Flu?

I’m on Day 4 of feeling flu-y…

Weak… Body aches. Feeling a little bit colder than usual. I hope today is better, but I’ll know in a few hours. I live alone and haven’t left the house in 4 days. Every time I’ve been sick in the last few years was a result of going to my local supermarket, but I had to get food. I’m hoping with improvement, it goes away, and I won’t have to worry about COVID-19

There’s still plenty of normal flu around. If you don’t have a high temperature and difficulty breathing it’s probably not covid-19.

I don’t have a thermometer, but this feels like a normal flu.

normal flu: High fever, body aches, headache, horrible cough.

COVID: high fever, body aches, headache, horrible cough.

Good luck.

Thanks… Luckily, I don’t have a horrible cough. I might have coughed a couple of times, but only notice it because of this virus.

If you get short of breath with normal quiet activities, or especially at rest, SEEK HELP.

I’m curious how prisons handle epidemics.

I’ve had a mild flu for a week here in London, UK. I know it doesn’t guarantee immunity but I had a flu shot - I wonder if it can dampen it or if its more binary than that?

My symptoms were a slightly raised temperature for a couple days from last Saturday night onwards and then just a horrible headache and tiredness ever since. Still hasn’t shifted over a week later.

Thing is someone on my floor at work tested positive for Covid-19 last weekend and the guy I sit next to (and had a drink with after work last Friday night) came down with fever, cough, difficulty breathing, body aches and all the other classic symptoms of C19 last Sunday (he didn’t get tested).

So while I think it’s a flu there’s still a nagging doubt. If some people are completely asymptomatic wouldn’t some people also display completely untypical symptoms?

Believe me, I am too.

You must have contingency plans. What are they?

Oh, must we? Last time I saw them was in 2009 after H1N1. I’m sure they’re in that one file cabinet in the corner office. Not sure where the key to it is, though. And that was just the plan for that one institution. The other 33 institutions and centers should each have their individual plans stored onsite. Check with the site warden or health unit managers there. Yeah, I know we’ve had a lot of turnover recently and a ton of those positions are still vacant. No, we don’t have a master plan down in central office. Central’s contingency plan just says to follow the directions of the Institutional Health Service director. Yeah, I know we’re looking for a new director now since we’ve been without one for 6 months. No, I’m NOT the acting director. And now I’ve got a headache. And a cough. AND a fever. :frowning:

[sub]Fortunately we have very capable health unit managers and so far we’ve managed to monitor all our patients who have complained of possible flu or COVID sx and take proper steps. No confirmed inmate cases yet, no respiratory deaths yet, but OG, it has been hell organizing it all and staying on top of it. And I don’t really have a cough or fever. But I do have quite the headache.[/sub]

I thought one difference was COVID was a horrible non-productive cough and the flu’s was more likely to be a horrible productive cough?

I’ve read that some prisons are letting low risk inmates out because of this thing.

This reminds me of the Barney Miller episode (S3E1) where Wojo is tasked with learning what NYC had in place for a major disaster. Opening the official disaster contingency document (the “Gray Book”), it is essentially blank, yet when he asks others what to do, they refer him to the same book.

That varies so much as to be a useless distinction. Both tend to be non-productive until/unless they turn into pneumonia.

Oh, great. Does a productive cough still not count as a COVID-19 symptom? It is the only symptom I am showing. I’ve had it for more than 14 days already also, I tend to get a persistent cough most winters.

Huh, yeah, for about a week have been noticing the sort of sensation that I would have not given a second thought before. This whole Covid19 thing really has us on hairtriggers.

If I came down with ambiguous, flu-like, COVID-19-like symptoms, wouldn’t the fact that I had a seasonal flu shot suggest that the infection was more likely COVID-19?

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I don’t know if it works against this years strain but I’m glad I got a flu shot. I had the flu a couple years ago and I was sick for a month.

I’m just getting over a cold which I’m pretty sure was a cold and not COVID because I had a runny nose, mild fever and productive cough. I don’t think any of those are symptoms of COVID, that has a high fever, no runny nose and a dry cough. Also I had no body aches other than back pain from coughing.