Do You Have to Pay to Park at Work?

I have to spend $25/mo to park at my part-time job. Which wouldn’t be strange if I worked downtown, because of course there everyone has to pay.

But I work at a university, and the permit fee is going to my employer. And it’s not a trifling “administrative fee”, either, it’s $25 per month!

Is that common at colleges?

Just so I cover it: No, taking the bus is not an option :wink:

When I worked at a university, I had to pay as well - so did every professor. Universities tend to have poor parking options available, and don’t build until the lots are overflowing due to funding.

I have never had to pay for parking at private sector jobs.

Some of my branch offices have made people pay for their own parking (typically in big cities where parking was not part of the office rent).

Back in the day, yes I had to pay. University Staff got separate lots and paid about 2/3 what the students did, but it wasn’t cheap. There were a couple of outer lots that were cheaper, and bike riding was encouraged.

Currently, I’m paying to park downtown in a parking structure. It’s $72/month. I appreciate it when it rains because it’s directly attached to the building I work in.

I’d have to, but I don’t. :wink: It is one of the main reasons why I looked for a place to live nearby to the university.

Nope (and a little bit of yes.) The town I work in doesn’t have any paid parking anywhere, also I don’t have a car here. On the other hand, I’m only in this town for two weeks at a time and I have to get here by flying from the town I live in. If I was to take my own vehicle to the airport I’d have to pay for two weeks in the long term parking area. I’m not sure what that costs but it’s a moot point as I either get dropped off or I take a taxi.

I also work at a college, and I have to pay $20 or $25 per year for a parking permit. I’m in a small town in Georgia.

When I worked at my university over the summers, our department bought our permits. I think people who worked there who weren’t students had to pay for their own.

I work at a university in Boston and a staff parking pass is over $900 a year. So yeah, I take public transport. At least it’s an option.

No, never.
Teacher at a school.

I used to work at a university, and yes, I had to pay to park in their lot. Fortunately, they gave us a choice between the parking garage (pricey but covered) and the faculty parking lot (snowy but cheap).

And because it’s a university, there is no private parking nearby that’s not super expensive (since they sell to students).

Yep - $107/month. I work at a University.

Out of the 6 jobs I’ve had, only one made us pay to park, and that was after we left our suburban office to move to downtown Dallas. Apparently, with the raise in rent that we paid, came a huge raise in parking garage cost in the building, so they threw us out on our asses and made us pay to park ($40/mth, IIRC) One of many reasons working downtown sucked balls.

The others all had either a company lot attached to the building, or the office building has had a garage attached.

I have to buy a yearly permit for staff parking at the university where I work. Generic, uncovered parking where you aren’t guaranteed a spot anywhere, let alone anywhere near your office, is about $140 per year.

I worked at a restaurant in a shopping center that expected its employees to pay for parking. It made me livid, especially since people who work in restaurants don’t make a lot of money and it was a substantial amount (similar to you, I think about $25 a month).

However, I never once paid. I parked on the street about 10 minutes walking distance away every single day (it was the closest available street parking). At least I got some exercise.

No and I never have. But of course, I’ve always worked for small businesses. Paying to park sucks.

I don’t drive, but it would be free if I did. My SO’s parking is something like 65 a month at his job. That’s for a garage 3 blocks away because the one attached to his building costs like 90.

I have had to pay, though I never worked at a college.

When I’ve worked in the District of Columbia, either I took Metro to work, or I had to drive and pay $$ to park. The last job I did that at was 10+ years ago and it was 120/month back then. It’d be quite a bit more now!

Not anymore, since I’ve switched jobs, but in my old job, which I held for 8 years and was downtown, I paid $22 a DAY for an outdoor spot, $26 a day for indoor.

I’m in Calgary and that’s the going rate for downtown parking.

On my telecommuting days, no.

If I park at the Park & Ride and take the bus downtown, no.

If I drive all the way in to the office, it’s $9/day.

If we move to a new building, there will be free parking.

If $25/month isn’t trifling, what is it? And if you think that’s much for a university, thank your gods you don’t work at the university I went to.

In answer to your question, no, I don’t pay to park at work. I walk.