Do You Have to Pay to Park at Work?

I’ve never had to pay for parking, either out here in suburbia or downtown.

I do know folks who work downtown and pay to park. I’ve no idea how much it is.

Seems like $5 or $10 would be ‘trifling’. Pass $20 and you’ve got my attention.

How large does the increment of time have to be before $20-25 is trifling? Two months? Six?

I don’t work at a university, I work in a downtown mall. My company pays my parking fee, thank goodness…it’s $90 a month currently. that works out to a little over three dollars a day, which is about what it costs to take the bus…but driving gets me here much more quickly and conveniently…the bus only runs once an hour, sometimes I would have to leave the house two hours before my shift started for a twenty-minute drive.

But for their $90 I get a shuttle bus that picks me up at my car and delivers me to the door of the mall. In the evening, it takes me right back to my car, and if it’s dark the driver usually waits until I am in my car and it is running before he leaves. On the weekends I’m allowed to park in the parking garage. I feel safe and secure in either lot, and I’m never late to work because I’m driving around looking for a space.

I don’t pay to park now because I’m at home with my kids, but when I worked before they were born I paid $150.00 per month at a small office tower. My husband currently pays over $500.00 per month for parking at his downtown office building.

$25/$5 = 5

$25/$10 = 2.5
From 2.5 to 5 months. :wink:

I work for a regional campus of a university and don’t have to pay for parking. I’m always appalled at what my main campus colleagues have to pay for what isn’t even really a parking permit – it’s a hunting license. Having the permit doesn’t guarantee you a parking spot. It only guarantees that, if you find one, you won’t be towed or ticketed (assuming you’re parking in a spot that is designated for the type of permit you have.)

I work for a state university and pay…uh…$3 a year. Really. Students pay maybe $50 a semester. Non-union staff (management and administrators for the most part, also contractors) pay $200 annually. Parking is kind of sucky though, especially since staff and students share the majority of the lots. There is little designated staff-only parking, apart from reserved spots for the bigwigs.

My husband works for a private university and pays $25 every two years.

$25 doesn’t seem much to pay for parking for a month. Let me look through my expense reports… in November I paid $22 for parking, and not at work. That’s because for some damned stupid reason, every store and mall and supermarket in these parts charges you to use their parking lots, and many of the restaurants aren’t required to have parking and thus the use of valets is required. That’s $22, and I don’t even really go out all that much.

I work in a pair of 50-story high rise towers in downtown Los Angeles. Parking is…not cheap. Depending on what level you park on (or if you park in the parking lot across the street), monthly parking runs anywhere from about $250 - $380. Yes, that’s per month.

I just looked up the rates per month for downtown parking - it averages about $500 per month. I seem to recall that we’re number two in NA, just behind New York (Calgary).

I pay $25 a week to park. I work downtown, at the courthouse. I’m on the waiting list for a parking pass to the garage, but that list is 6-8 years long, and I just got on it in September. Right now, the monthly passes are $60, but they’re taken directly out of your paycheck pre-tax.

I was astonished at how expensive parking was in downtown LA. Washington DC is not cheap, but it tops out around the bottom end of the range you cited.

I’m a federal employee, however, and so my employer pays for my subway fare.

Maybe being a Los Angeles native is why I regard $25/mo as trifling. Heck, the downtown hotel I stayed at last month charged $40/day for parking, and there was valet only, so I had to tip the guys every time I left on top of things. Thank gods I was only there for four days!

I work at a large medical center (hospital/clinics/labs/university) in Chicago, and employees do pay to park. It’s a lot less than if you were a regular person parking there, and the price drops the further away the garage/lot is from the main buildings, but it’s still significant.

Yes, I do, and thanks for reminding me (we never actually get a bill – it just sits on our university account for months, until the Powers That Be get huffy about the unpaid money that we didn’t even know we owed).

I work at a public university. Faculty / staff parking fees are $25 per year; I’m not sure how much students pay. ($25 per month sounds decidedly steep.)

I work near downtown, but the parking is free. There are streets nearby that have 2 hour limits, but there is very little pay parking (there is some for some of the County, University, and Tech school lots). Some of the nearby ramps have reserved spaces (which do cost money to reserve), but agian, no charge for the other ones.

I think the city did this to make downtown shopping more competitive with the mall.

I pay $40 a year for a motorcycle permit at a public university, and I can park about 50 yards from the building that houses my lab and office. Permit costs for cars depend on where you want to park, but the cheapest is $200/year for a lot about a half mile from my office. I live just over a mile away, so I walk or ride a bicycle when I don’t take the motorcycle.

When I worked at Health Sciences Centre, sort of downtown Winnipeg, (ten years ago) I believe the parking topped out at $6.00/day shift (7am-7pm) and less ($4.00) for night shift. Most of the areas around there you could not get street parking for a 12 hour stint. I was on a waiting list for a parking pass which would have been around $50.00/month IIRC. For a brief while I dated someone who lived three blocks away, and parked there, but that ended quickly so it was back to paid parking in the covered garage across the street. At fourteen shifts/month as a full timer, it was not a negligable expense, but then again I was making in the $20-23.00/hr range at that time, so in a shift you easily paid for a months parking. And rents in Winnipeg were relatively inexpensive.

In Vancouver, when I worked at a suburban hospital parking was also paid, but a lot of my co-workers played street parking roulette, and moved their cars every few hours. The few months I lived there I was always within walking distance to work, and rarely took my car)

Now in Thunder Bay if I worked at the Regional Hospital I would have to pay, but I am not sure how much it is. It tops out at about $5-6.00/day for patients, and I know that staff get parking passes deducted from their checks. Where I work, I don’t pay to park, and most of the time I shouldn’t be driving, but I often do, because I take my son to childcare, or I know I will need my car at lunch time to go do errands, or whatever.

When they close our building, I wonder where I will end up, and I really hope I don’t have to pay. Problem is, that the daily parking rate at the hospital I may work at would be less than bus fare. How, or rather why, would a city make its own municipal parkade cheaper than bus fare on the municipal bus route?

Where I’ve worked (suburb of Princeton and Silicon Valley) no. But even 30 years ago you had to pay to park in colleges. I walked or rode my bike except when I went after hours. Stanford has permits, which I assume they charge for.
When my wife went to Dartmouth grad students paid more than either undergrads or faculty. :frowning: