Do you include a signature on your work email?

My boss doesn’t, and I think he’s one of the few that I know that don’t.

So, out of curiosity, here’s a poll.

The system automatically adds it. I had nothing to do with it; it was set up for me and I can’t change it.

Yes, required to meet corporate standards. It’s optional on replies however and I don’t use it there.

Yes, my client requires us to use one.

Sadly, the email program I’m having to use (long story I don’t want to bore y’all with, it’s got to do with chains of subcontractors) is very shitty about dealing with sigs: any time I reply to an email, I go fishing for my sig down all the way at the bottom and reel it up to its proper place.

Another question: how elaborate is it? Mine has name and address and contact info (phone, extension, website) but not my mobile number or my position.

Edit: wow, I just checked and my extension is missing. Gotta change that!

Same here. My agency requires it so I do it. It’s pretty much just my office number, business unit and contact information.

I said yes. But it depends. If it’s a quick not to my boss or co-workers, often I do not.

For anyone that I don’t work with I do.

Yes. And unfortunately, due to mismanagement feeling the need to make changes for the sake of making changes, it’s gone from:

Phone Number


E-mail Address
Phone Number
Company Slogan
“Follow Us On:”
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube link icons
“Please consider the environment before printing”

Just another indicator how fucking downhill this place has gone.

I do, but only on emails that I initiate. If I’m replying, no sig.

This. We have to identify ourselves, our department and our office (it’s a law firm), plus include the following pointless gibberish:

And I do mean pointless gibberish, except for the part about waiving privilege. No litigation in the last 15 years has turned on whether the sender of an e-mail included a disclaimer like that. However, on the off chance that somebody actually reads it, my version also includes:

I have the sig turned off for replies.

Seems pretentious and silly.
I’m just writing to them because they broke something, anyway.

I have my basic info at the bottom. A lot of people in my company have inspirational quotes in their signatures, since we work in international development, they are all feel good pap. I have this burning desire to put a wildly inappropriate quote from Stalin or something at the bottom of my emails.

May I suggest:

Good idea!

“The Struggle of the Proletariat and the Servility of the Bourgeoisie”
-VI Lenin


“There’s One Born Every Minute.”
-PT Barnum

I set ours up through AD/Exchange so it is automatic and applies to everyone in the company. So…yes.

Likewise. Even when I worked at a place where it wasn’t required, I still used a signature file with my phone and fax numbers (to save coworkers from having to look me up in the company directory).

At my current job, we also are required to have the useless social media links, although in our case it’s Twitter, Linkedin and an RSS feed. Who would ever want to follow a trust company on Twitter?

One of my old jobs added a blurb of pseudo-legal boilerplate at the end of each email, as well.

Yes. It has my name, title, phone, fax and insurance license number. The system also adds privacy info at the bottom. The license info is required by the state.

Mine is just the Spanish version of

Best regards


Nava, IT
I don’t have a company phone and if they don’t know why the heck I’m writing to them, adding a bunch more acronyms won’t help them figure out that they can contact me by emailing back or by calling my boss.

Yes. There’s nothing I hate more than an email from some guy whose number I don’t have that says ‘call me ASAP!’ with no contact info.

Yes; it’s required by my firm. I have name, title, main number, fax number and direct number. As with others, I don’t use it in replies.