Do you kiss your spouse when he/she has a cold sore?

I don’t. I’ve never had a cold sore, and never want one.

She got offended the first few times, but they only manifest like once a year, and she accepts it now and laughs that she ever wanted me to share her virus.

Sometimes I get drunk and kiss her anyway - then I remember and nonchalantly excuse myself to sprint to the bathroom and douse my lips in rubbing alcolhol.

So, whaddaya think?

Um, no! Yuck! Double yuck since I don’t seem to carry or at least present the virus.

Sure, why not? But first, I make it a point of giving her the business about kissing other people.

No way. You’re just asking for trouble.

I get them and so does my husband – about once a year apiece. We don’t kiss on the lips when either of us has one. When I have one I’ll sometimes follow him around the house with my lips puckered up pretending to try to kiss him. Or I’ll pucker up my lips and say, “How about a blowjob, Big Guy?” and pretend to try to get in his pants. And when he has one I call him “Syph Lips” and pretend to run away when he tries to give me a hug. I’m pretty weird, as you can see. But I’m certainly not weird enough to kiss a guy with a cold sore, or to expect a guy to kiss me when I have a cold sore.

I kissed a boyfriend once when I had that tingly-lip sensation that is usually the harbringer of a cold sore attack. I didn’t want an itchy lip to stand in the way of some good smooching!

A day or two later, the poor guy got so sick he went to the hospital in the middle of the night with shakes and a very high fever. He had never had contact with the virus before, it seems, and it hit him like a terrible flu. And of course, he got big oozing cold sores all over his lips. I nursed him back to health and I felt absolutely horrible about the situation. I’ve been a lot more careful since - no kissin’ if the lip’s a-twitchin’! To me, a cold sore is an ugly inconvenience, but it really is a nasty virus that can make people quite sick. I’m more responsible about it now.

But after he cheated on me and I dumped his butt, it was sorta fun knowing that he’d have to buy tube after tube of Abreva for the rest of his life too…

I think I may be evil. :eek:

My husband gets them once in a while and I won’t kiss him on the lips when I notice it. I’m suprised that I’ve never gotten one from him, though, even by accident or something. Does anyone know how long cold sores are contagious? Is it possible that I could have been exposed and not gotten a cold sore or be immune?

I’d like to know that too, Velma.

Jess, don’t scare me like that. I readily accept blowjobs from her when she has a cold sore. It’s a different virus, right? Simplex 1 vs 2, RIGHT? :eek:

I appear to be immune to cold sores - I occasionally get a tingling but then it recedes. I have therefore kissed away with any coldsore-bearing lady I’m allowed to. I.e. these days my wife.

(Don’t you Yanks call them “fever blisters”?)

I never, ever get cold sores. My husband gets them from time to time, but I appear to be immune. However, he does not like to be kissed on the lips when he has a cold sore there because it would hurt.

I can onlu tell you what a doctor told me – that while it’s two different viruses, you can have an outbreak of the 1 kind on places you usually get the 2 kind, and vice versa. So I don’t risk it.

I get them once in a while and I kiss my wife smack dabs on the lips. After 10 years together, she has yet to get a cold sore.

Damn. This thread confirms that.

So oral sex is now right out the window too, along with kissing, whenever she gets a cold sore. :frowning:

    • inspecting my crotch * *

I get cold sores only when I’m really stressing out or sick and when I do my husband always kisses me and I do try to turn my head or tell him not to kiss me but he always does anyway. We have been together for eight years and he has never had a cold sore. I guess he is just a lucky guy because cold sores really suck. Ive had them since I was a little girl and I have no idea where they came from cuz no one in my family has them. I dislike these lil cold sores so much!:frowning:

No, when he gets a cold sore, we’ll kiss on the ‘side’ of the mouth where there’s no sore. But full-on kissing? Nope.

Heck No! Herpes Sufferer Extraordinaire since childhood. Tucker-Babe still herpes free after over two decades.

Most people don’t get them, do they? I’ve seen cold sores on less than half a dozen people my whole life, so they seem pretty rare to me. This site says 15-30% of people get them, so I should see a lot more people with them. Maybe the extreme winter cold around here kills them :slight_smile:

I’ve had one once in my life, and since my boyfriend has never had one, we refrained from kissing while it was there.

Guess what people - if someone has HSV-1 (as do most people) or HSV-2, they can shed virus, and thus be infectious, even when they don’t have obvious lesions.

Most primary infections with HSV-1 and HSV-2 are asymptomatic, as are most reactivations.
Happy smooching!


I ws about to jump into this thread and say No Never are you crazy!.. The I realised that one time after a visit to a clinic when they discovered I had picked up an NSU and after taking the the issued 1500 mg Azithromycin. Met the same girl that night and after telling her my (our) predicament… ended up doing the same thing that caused the initial episode with her again!!