Do you know any women who shave their face???

This isn’t a joke. And I don’t mean older women. I realize that some women in their 70’s and above do it.

I’m talking about a lady that’s 40-50.
My wife started shaving her face at about 37 or so. She NEVER needed to start. She only the normal amount of “fuzz” that women have.

It’s terrible kissing stubble on a woman. I say it that way, because a lady once said to me “how do you think we feel kissing a guy with stubble?” REALLY…men have beards.
Anyway, your thoughts.

You’re about to live up to the second half of your username.

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I’ve known several women who shaved their face occasionally. It wasn’t a huge deal, nor was kissing a face with a little stubble.

I’ve known some women that used wax or tweezers but I have never personally known one that straight up shaved their face. Is the OP saying their wife has heard stubble?

No, but I know some who should.

You can’t see it, being that she shaves in the shower every day. BUT you can tell that she does. Smooth face…without any of that soft “fuzz”. And yes, you can feel the tiny stubble when kissing. We don’t kiss much.

I have a friend who shaves her face with a straight razor. Apparently she read somewhere that it helps prevent/reduce wrinkles by exfoliating.

How old is she?
And if anyone else knows someone, please post their age.

It’s recently become popular, with several posts about how it exfoliates, and is pretty good for your skin.

Most other forms of hair removal are pretty painful, so if she prefers to shave instead of tearing it out, more power to her!

The younger women I’ve known who shaved their faces out of necessity usually had polycystic ovary syndrome, which wreaks all kinds of havoc on their hormonal balance and metabolism. Facial hair was the least of their issues.

With menopause and now hormone blockers (aka chemical castration) due to my breast cancer diagnosis, I do have slightly thicker mustache and chin hairs, but I keep the bigger ones under control by plucking them.

I shave parts of my face and have been so since since the 11th grade. I should have started in middle school, but my mother had me convinced that my mustache would grow in thicker if I did. I didn’t develop critical thinking skills into the 11th grade.

In addition to mustache hair, I have a few spots on my chin/upper neck that sprout whiskers.


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It’s a taboo topic, like man boobs, and like man boobs, it’s more common than people realize because when people do have things like girl whiskers or man boobs they’re hidden, disguised, and even medically treated.

I’ve known women who started shaving as early as their 20’s. It’s not uncommon for the “fuzz” to get thicker and bristlier in the 40’s.

If the stubble really is an issue perhaps you can discreetly suggest a hair removal creme formulated for the face, although such chemical removals can cause irritation. But ultimately it is her face and it’s up to her how she wants to depilitate it.

I’ve always had to pluck my chin due to the aforementioned PCOS condition I have. I probably could have shaved but I knew there’d be stubble, and the problem was more random thick hairs than all-over hair. Finally I started treating myself to electrolysis a couple years ago, for a permanent fix. We’re still not done but it’s been great!

I did notice a few months ago that the “fuzz” on the sides of my jaw was longer than I’d like. I didn’t straight razor it, though - I went at it with an electric razor with a guard, making it shorter but not down to the skin.

Before I did electrolysis I did look in to other solutions and yes, women do absolutely shave their faces. And their brows. Some of us need it more than others - as in, I think some women cannot abide by their peach fuzz but in reality it’s not noticeable to anyone but themselves.

One thing I have noticed, both on my own face and in examples of other women, is that the fuzzier your face, the worse some makeup looks. Sometimes makeup makes your fuzz stand out more. So in order to get a nice canvas for makeup, a woman might choose to shave.

Yes, I have known women with PCOS who shave their faces because they have too much facial hair growth to ignore it.
Chances are you know other women who do it too and you just don’t realize they do, because most women won’t admit to it in public.

I suspect that your wife is shaving more than just peach fuzz if you’re feeling stubble. If the stubble bothers you a lot, you might want to talk to her about if she is open to trying another approach, but there are issues with the other methods too.
Waxing hurts, is messy, and takes time.
Laser hair removal is effective for some hair types but not for everyone (and not everyone wants to spend the money on it).
Hair removal creams are smelly, messy, and some women’s skin is irritated by it.

Lady in her 40’s here. I love using my epilator for any fuzz and those pesky stray wiskers. It takes a bit of practice and some patience with the pain at first but its so much better than shaving. There’s no stubble and since the hair is being plucked with root, it will take a while to grow back.

I have a friend who shaved her upper lip every morning for years, because it was just easier to give it a quick flick in the shower rather than wax or bleach.

She is now retirement age and she is the only woman I know of that age who doesn’t have those annoying ugly age creases around her lips. Other signs of aging, yes, but not those.