Do you know anyone still loyal to the Confederate States of america?

I have a cousin who has a big engraving of Robert E. Lee on his wall and is sympathetic with the southern side of the Civil War. But he still is a good US citizen.

Define “loyal”. There are currently no “Confederate States of America” to be loyal to. If you are talking about some sense or feeling that the post war South was treated poorly, or miis-understood or that the South would have been better off sans the remainder of the union, go to any Civil War re-enactment and you’ll be waist deep in this sentiment.

I didn’t think there were any at my high school here in Houston until a few weeks ago- when I found Nazi graffiti in the bathroom. Considering only about 50% of the schools population is white, it seems odd that racism even has a root here. To harm to injury, someone in my world history class said, “I agree with lots of what’s in Mein Kampf.” He and his group of friends love wearing rebel flags and singing that song from ‘American History X’…

Furthermore, I’ve seen more than one person on teen message boards issuing their support for the failed Confederate States. I’m guessing it’s mainly adolescent confusion.