Do you know more people who've had COVID or the vaccine?

COVID or COVID vaccine?
  • I know more people who’ve gotten COVID
  • I know more people who’ve gotten the vaccine.
  • I know the same number of each

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Well, after 9 months and counting, the end is in sight. Pretty soon, tens of millions of people will be immune to the novel coronavirus one way or the other. In your personal life, do you know more people who’ve contracted COVID or gotten the shot?

“Know” means someone whose name you know, who knows your name, and whom you could pick out of a crowd. Hearing that your third cousin, whom you’ve never met, got the vaccine doesn’t count.

“Contracted COVID” means anyone with a positive test or clinical diagnosis, regardless of symptoms or, ahem, outcome.

“Gotten the vaccine” means at least one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

Me? I know 6 people who got sick and 4 people who got vaccinated. 5 of those 6 are in the same household.

My husband’s youngest aunt and uncle (in their 70s) are both recovering from COVID. My sister’s best friend since forever died of it back in May.

On the other side, my daughter got the vaccine yesterday.

My brother is vaccinated, my sister is infected.

If my brother’s girlfriend also got vaccinated (they’re both med students,) then it may be 2-1 in favor of vaccinated.

Equal for me. One person who’s gotten it and one who has been vaccinated. Different states, ages, and jobs. The one who got vaccinated was on the cusp of definitely qualifying for both age and occupation, being slightly over 70, and having a part time job attending elderly people in their homes several hours a week. So if they ever got down to that level of granularity, she’d definitely qualify due to a combination of the factors, but I think she got it only because so many older and more full-on health care people refused it that they had doses left over.

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Same here. The one who got vaccinated is a semi-retired physician and the one had the disease is one of her sons.

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I know four or five people who’ve been vaccinated so far (all of them working in the healthcare industry). I know at least a dozen people who have had COVID.

I know one person who got Covid, and she’s likely to be the first person I know who is in “Tier 1,” as they are calling the first to get the vaccine here in NY.

I’m not sure if she’s going to get it, she’s pregnant.

Sadly, right now I know more people who’ve died from Covid than have had the vaccine. I’m using the OP’s definition though. No doubt the docs/nurses/radiology/phlebotomy techs who worked on me in the ER last weekend had theirs, but I don’t know them. I only know one person who’s gotten the vaccine (front line medical tech).

Not Oxford/Astra Zenica?

I know about 12 people who’ve had covid, including several family members and close friends. Until 2 months ago I couldn’t have named anyone. Just 3 who’ve had the vaccine so far.

I know dozens of people who have had COVID and two who have died from it (61 and 71, both in good health AFAIK). We have lots of doctors and nurses in our family and I have tons of coworkers who just don’t take this seriously.

I assume the doctors and nurses have been vaccinated now, only one of them has explicitly said that he has.

But even then I would guess between 2:1 and 3:1 people with Covid vs vaccinated.

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Quite easily more who had COVID-19. We’re still at 1-A here in Arkansas, and I only know a handful of nurses and maybe one or two people in assisted living facilities. 1-B is just barely beginning.

Heck, since COVID tends to hit families, it would take until at least towards the end of 1-C before I would know more people who were vaccinated. While I don’t know any official attempts at dates, I’ve heard rumors that won’t be until April, frustratingly. Dad would qualify under 1-C due to his asthma and regular 92-94% pulse ox, I believe.

(Not sure if I could leverage being significantly overweight and having to take blood pressure meds to also be in 1-C–people under 65 who are at increased risk.)

I know of over ten people who have had Covid (1 death) but no one who has had the vaccine yet.

I can only think of 3 people I personally know who have had COVID, i probably do know more but am not aware of it. I know 2 who have had the vaccine.

I guess one of the ‘advantages’ of living under a rock in the middle of BFE, is I don’t know a single person in either category. Hurrah for me?

Lonely? Nah.

Lemme do a mental count … I’m up to at least 20 who have gotten COVID (one of which passed away, one of which had to be intubated for an extended period of time.) I think so far I know of 4 who have gotten the vaccine.

I only know one person who has received the vaccine, a college friend who is a physician.

I know about a dozen people who have had COVID-19. All recovered fully, thank heaven.

A friend of mine has had both. He’s a Doctor, and got the vaccine last month. About two days later, he tested positive. He quarantined in the bonus room of his house, away from his wife and daughters, but he had a very mild case. He only had a little shortness of breath. which lasted a couple of days. He’s fully recovered now. I asked him if he thought his quick recovery was due to the vaccine. He thought it might have been.

More who’ve gotten the vaccine because I read my professional listservs.