Do you know people's addresses?

I was watching some crime drama in which the investigators ask someone for their friend’s or acquaintance’s or co-worker’s or schoolmate’s or co-conspirator’s or drug contact’s address - and the person just writes down the exact address without looking anything up or checking. They just seemed to have it memorized.

I don’t think I know anyone’s address - I know a few phone numbers, but addresses - no. Even friends (especially friends) whom I visit frequently, I know where they live by “you get on Main, then you drive for a while, then you turn left, then right, then that immediate left, and then halfway down the block and there it is, the second of the funny shaped buildings” If it’s a very busy street, I might know the street name. If it isn’t so busy - I only know the street as “John’s street.”

Do most people really know people’s addresses? Is it just a TV convention to get the story moving?

I’d say it’s a TV plot crutch.

I have to stop and think what my own phone number or address are at times. However, I could hop in the car and drive three hours to our friends’ home north of Reno without needing a map. It’s basically drive to Reno, go north on whatever that highway is, get off at the exit where the big Petco is, turn right, go past the mall, go past the church on the left, then turn onto the street just before where the sound wall starts, second left, first left, first right, park. Not a clue what the name of their street is, though.

I let my phone and its address book take care of memorizing the details.

I’m trying to think of anyone whose address I do know – my brother’s, I think, who’s been living at that address for 20 years. I can’t think of a single other person where I’m even positive about the street name.

That’s about it. I used to know addresses on some freelancers to whom I addressed UPS overnight labels by hand on a regular basis, but I left that job two years ago.

I know one friend’s address. The rest, it’s doing well if I know the street name.

I know my brother’s and sister’s addresses. Beyond that I don’t have anyone’s address memorized. I either look people up in my e-mail address book, use, or if my computer isn’t on or I’m not near it I might break down and use a paper phone book.

I used to know one friend’s address. I gave his address for pizza delivery many, many times.

Since he moved, I don’t know anyone’s but my own. I do know most of the street names, but not all.

I might be a special case- I’ve got an eidetic memory, so I do know many friends’ and family’s addresses, to the tune of street name, number, and city, but usually not zipcodes.

When it was part of my job, I used to know lots of frequently used addresses, at least 50, maybe more. Now all I know are addresses for two of my four kids but that’s because they’ve lived at that address for several years.

I’m more likely to remember the addresses of people that I mail things to. That would be my out of state relatives, not my friends. For in-state relatives and friends, I know locations and could probably come up with a street name and maybe nearest cross street (I used to deliver pizzas). But it wouldn’t be immediate.

Back in the days when I hung out on the NYPD Blue newsgroup, one of the regulars was a real NYPD cop, who I recall specifically mentioned this as a TV convenience. In his experience, real witnesses never could give you an address, but could lead you to a place.

On reflection, I don’t know the address of anywhere I haven’t actually lived. Hell, I don’t know the address where I currently work.

Lemme see, I know my own address, my in-laws’ address, and the street names of two of my four sisters. Beyond that, nope. I’m really bad with numbers in general, for one thing. So house numbers do not stick in my head. For another thing, if I was going to memorize this stuff, I wouldn’t need Outlook Contacts, now would I??

I know my own, my mother in law’s, my mother’s, I’m pretty sure about my brother’s, and I am pretty sure about my sister in law’s. What good any of this does me is, well, none.

I know the address of some good friends, but I have to look up their ZIP code every year. I know the address of one Doper, including the ZIP code. I know my ex-GF’s former address, but not her current one, even though I used it once and I’ve been there. I have no idea what the addresses are of any of my relatives, though I could probably come up with my parents’ if you held a gun to my head.

Like others have said, I know a few peoples’ street names. That’s about it. I have to stop and think to recall the number of my own address.

I know my own home and work addresses. I know what street one of my three brothers lives on, but not the house number (I remember it’s five digits, though. Fifteen houses on the street and they use five-digit house numbers. Sheesh.)

I would be hard-pressed to come up with street names for most of my friends’ addresses, and I couldn’t name a house number for anybody.

I can tell you the addresses of my 5 closest friends, my boss, his boss, all of my family members save one who recently moved, and even a couple people I don’t talk to anymore. Maybe I just send everyone lots of cards…

I know mine, my parents, my grandmothers and George Bush’s…though I’m not sure on his zip code.

I could give you the exact adress of any of my friends living in the town I went to college. But, that’s only because I delivered pizza in that town and have most every house # memorized.

But, other than that town, no idea on adresses.

As gotpasswords has said, this is in the interest of expediency or moving the plot forward. Many of the common daily events in life are shortened in movies because it would be tedious to display them: locking or unlocking your car door, locking your door after you get in the house, fighting for a parking space in the city, extraneous pleasantries on the telephone (notice how TV or movie telephone conversations are always strictly “I need this information to resolve a plot point”; “here’s the information”; “good-bye” click) , etc.

What addresses do I know? I would say about 5 that I would trust myself to write down without confirming house number or zipcode. And that includes mine.

A big part of the reason is that people don’t write letters any more.