Do You Know This Quote, Verbatim?

I once heard the radio quote from Mother Theresa’s first visit to the US. And, when asked by the press of her impression of the US, she said something about how “never have so many rich been so poor”.

Can the SD help me determine the actual quote? Thanks!

  • Jinx

I’ve had a good look and I can find other people alluding to it like you did, but not a direct quote. Could it possibly be something that’s been wrongly attributed to her ?

I think she first visited the US in 1974. I could be wrong.

A search of newspaper articles from that year showed no such quote. That, by itself, means nothing.

She, by 1981, had certainly started to call “rich” nations (Japan, and others) which allowed abortion, poor. I’m offering that in general terms. I couldn’t find the exact quote to which you refer(if there ever was such a quote).