do you know this song?

Mabey you guys can help me out with this. Ive heard this old song on the radio, it sounds as if its from the late 50s to early 60s. I thought that mabey it was one of the Rolling Stones older songs, but i couldnt find any evidence.

The only lyrics i can remember go somthing like this…"Mommys all right, Daddys all right, they just seem a little weird…Surender etc.

If any of yall could tell me the name of this song, and the group who sung it, i would be very thankful.

Big Ugly Rat – the poster once known as Justin…who took 3 years getting a post count of 107. LOL

Surrender. Cheap Trick did it in the '80s.

Wrong! It was on the 1978 album Heaven Tonight .

Thanks for your help!! Now i must search for the MP3 :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it was mostly played off the 1979 Live at Budokan album, and I imagine the single was a hit in 1980.