Do you let your significant other in the bathroom while you're on the toilet?

Myself, no. Frankly I stink too much.

(BTW: my wife put up a decorative picture of a two-hole outhouse :eek: I can barely go into an outhouse alone.)

No. The bathroom is a holy place where I can do any number of private things without interruption and knowing that it will be a sanctuary for me, a port in any storm. When I’m in the bathroom it is most definitely occupied.

Dear God in a golf cart, NO!! I don’t even let him in while I’m brushing my teeth.

Absolutely not. We yell “Moon River! Moon River!” if we think there might be an accident of that type. That’s from “All in the Family” btw.

I hate, hate, hate this and I have stronger feelings about it now than I did when I was first married. It might have something to do with being one of 5 kids-there was general pandemonium in all the bathrooms in my childhood house.

At first, I thought, hey, I’m cool with this–after all, we did just swap all manner of bodily fluids.

He can brush his teeth in there with me(if I’m brushing mine), that’s fine. Anything else–OUT!

No, because I took that vow “Till death us do fart” all too seriously. It’s like… I don’t know… ninja gas.



I don’t even understand why someone would want to be near the door, let alone in the same room.

However, I know men who walk in on their wives/girlfiends and vice versa…men who take great pride in farting on their wives/girlfriend’s face, or trapping them in their bathroom stink, or under a fart filled blanket (dutch oven).

I think there are men who find other stenches quite pleasing, because when I use the lavatory at work to urinate, people are in/out…guy in, pisses, guy out, etc…like clockwork.

If I use the lavatory stall to take care of business, some idiot walks in, doesn’t urinate, then fiddles with himself for 15 minutes…brushing hair, lint, blowing nose. “Yeah, you look nice and tidy…hair brushed, lint free, but now you smell like my shit. Real nice”.

Quite honestly, I think men enjoy being in a stinky bathroom – Even other people’s crap stink.

My wife and I both subscribe to the same philosophy- the only reason a bathroom door is closed is if we’re doing #2- otherwise, door is always open and we (and kids) can come & go as we please. Of course, the kids are 2 and 4, so they may feel differently when they get older, but until then we have no secrets.

Only for #1. No problem there.

#2 is private time for everyone. Even my cats have a curtain over the doorway for the kitty box.

How in the Hell do you suggest I keep her out?

Nope. I have no desire to be a performer or an audience under those conditions.

To quote Cecil, “Chloroform. Use it liberally.”

I dunno–LOCK the door? Tell her, maybe?

Why would anyone WANT to be in the same room with someone pooping on the potty (unless said person is learning and about 3 feet tall)?

Og knows shit happens, but let it happen to someone else, alone.

Preferably no, but if I’m in the shower and he has an emergency he’s welcome to come in and take care of it as long as he doesn’t flush. I haven’t ever had to get in there while he was in there, but I wouldn’t unless it were just a #1 unless it was a really, really serious situation anyway.

Our place has a two-room bathroom sort of arrangement, with the sink and all in one room and the toilet and tub in the other. It’s really convienient if I need to get some ibuprofen or something while he’s in there stinking it up.

Hells no. I also burn incense while I’m in there. As far as any of my ex-boyfriends/ex-husband were concerned, my poop smelled like sandalwood.

No, no, a thousand times no!

We each have our own bathroom, and that’s the way it’s going to stay!

BWAHAHAHA! I almost spit my yogurt all over the monitor. Great line. I think I may use that.

To answer the OP, no. I don’t care if he pees while I’m in the room, but I won’t do anything when he’s in there, and I don’t want to see, hear, or smell his #2. There’re some things that’re just better left unknown.

No, definitely not.
Although , when I was at Boy Scout summer camp, we had a three-hole outhouse, which I had no problems with. Necessity and all that. It’s the same thing as those Army bathrooms with lots of toilets but no stall walls around them.

While peeing, sure, but not while taking a shit. No way, no how. Never.

Sure, how else can one get a blumpkin?

(look it up at, but TMI, NSFW, etc)

Good lord, no. The bathroom is the only place on earth that I can be assured of being by myself. Why would I willingly concede that one small fortress of solitude?