Do you like it in the front? Or the back?

Showers!!! I’m talking about showers! I always turn on the water, get it the right temperature, then step into the shower from the front. THEN I turn on the shower part, just enough to let it hit my feet, until it warms up. Then I turn it on full force, and proceed to wash.

I have noticed that EVERYONE else (that I have known well enough to know their showering habits) turns on the shower, gets it the right temp, and then gets in from the back.

Am I all alone out here?

I turn on the water, get it hot enough, turn on the shower, and get in from the back.

Step in from front or back.

Make sure curtain is properly protecting rest of bathroom.

Turn water on using feet to determine optimal temperature.

Adjust shower so it faces all the way down and forward.

Stand as far back as possible and turn on shower so I don’t get frozen by the first blast of water.

When the waters gets to temp, move head up and begin…

Well your theory does not work with my shower at home. I do not have a tub in the shower, that is separate. I actually designed the shower system in our home with a temperature control. I set it at 100, and walk around a wall into the single shower room…So I already know the temp when I step in. Heated floors help as well. I guess this is only a faculty to those who designed their own homes:)

BTW, our guest bath has a shower and tub all in one. As does our downstairs bath. :slight_smile:

Of course you’re talking about showers, what else could that title be referring to? :smiley:

I turn the shower on about 30 seconds before I get in, so it has time to get hot. Then I pull back the curtain and step straight in and turn around when I’m under.

I turn on the water, let it get hot, turn on the shower, then jump in the front because the waters hot, then close the curtains.

Okay, so once again I’m the weird one…I get into the tub, then turn the water on. While waiting for it to heat up I make sure there’s soap, shampoo, etc. Then I turn on the shower and hold my hand in front of the spray until it heats up…

We have very slippery tubs, and once they get wet you better watch out stepping into them.

I turn on the water, get it hot enough, turn on the shower, wait for it to warm up (it always takes a few seconds) and get in from the front, facing the showerhead, then turn around to grab the shampoo.

My husband steps into the tub, turns the water on, then turns the shower on, facing the showerhead, then turns around.

I get in the back, close the sliding door, then go up and turn the water on. Using my feet and one hand, I judge the water temperature. Once it’s good, I turn on the shower and keep to the very front of the shower to avoid the first cold blast. I then move into the water stream and commence showering.

Full frontal here. Give it to me, baby!

I turn on the hot water and wait for it to arrive. I get in from the back, and feel with my hands to get an idea of the temperature. I adjust to taste.

A friend of mine would get in the shower, and turn it on while standing beneath the shower head. I asked her if the cold water that first comes out bothered her, and she said no. This is how she had always done it.

Is it just me who doesn’t understand what the heck you’re talking about?

Getting into the shower from the front or back ?? What “front” and “back” ?

I don’t get it.

I am wondering the same thing, RealTronic.

I turn the water on, then step in at the end away from the shower head, simply because the tiolet prevents me from getting in the other way (unless I want to walk on the toilet to get into the tub, which I don’t). I point the showerhead as far down as possible, and then turn on the shower. It only takes a split second to reach the temperature, so I don’t worry too much about that initial blast of cold water. I tend to face away from the shower head as I wash (I let the water run down my back), simply because I don’t like having water splash on my face, unless I’m washing my face.

I like to turn around, show my back, bend and… wait, what thread am I posting to?

do you mean get in facing front or back? i always face front… and revolve.

I never thought to explain what “front” and “back” were. I call the front of the shower the part with the faucets and showerhead. So, I turn on the water, let it warm up, then get in on the showerhead side. I face the showerhead, turn on the shower a little bit to let it warm up, then turn it on full force.

I’ve got a big shower stall, and one needs to step inside in order to turn on the water. I can turn the knob and yank back my arm before it gets wet. Once the water is warm, I adjust the temp as necessary, walk under the stream face forward, then turn my back to wet my hair. From there, I turn a lot, and step in and out of the water a lot, depending upon what needs to be washed or rinsed. It’s a glorious choreography!!