Anyone else dry off IN the shower?

As in, turn off the water and towel off BEFORE you step out of the shower? (Okay, I’d do it with baths, too, but it’s been years since I’ve had a bath.)

My thinking is, there a certain amount of water that will run down/drip off your body once the water is turned off. Why not let that water end up in the nice water-proof area with a drain rather than having it sog up a bath mat, which then can take hours to dry. Especially in the humidity of summer.
OTOH, my husband thinks I’m a weirdo about this.

What say you all?

I do it because there’s no vent fan in my bathroom so I have to keep the door open, which makes it extremely chilly climbing out while wet. So, I stay behind the shower curtain, dry off, and then emerge. Still a little chilly but nowhere near as bad.

Doesn’t everyone do this?

Yeah. What he said.

What else would you do? Just drip all over the floor? Like an animal?

Yes, like my husband who steps out to dry, and drips on the mat and then forgets to pick the mat up and hang it to dry. Drives me nuts.

I’m an in-shower dryer.

An animal would shake off and spray the room. :smiley:

Another in-shower dryer here. For all the totally accurate reasons presented here.

Yes, everyone does this. I’m trying to get my teenaged son to remember to do this instead of dripping everywhere. Your husband is the weirdo- be sure to let him know that we said so.

While remodeling bathrooms I’ve done this when there was no tile down on the floor yet. However we have bathmats anyway, the water drips on them, not on the floor. If it gets real wet you pick it up and hang it over the tub to dry. But if you want to dry off in the shower, go ahead, chances are no else will know.

I dry off in the shower as well. My wife, however, does not. There’s water everywhere if you go in there after she showers.

I do too, but before drying off I squeegee most of the water off. I just sort of run my hands along my body to get off the “loose” drops, then open the curtain, grab my towel and do the rest while standing in tub.

The only downside to the squeegee method is that sometimes I’ll inadvertently catch the side of my nut with a fingertip, right on the bottom where the epididymis meets it- holy fuck, the pain.

My wife and I both dry off in the shower. Your husband is a weirdo.

I do for the most part. I live in an apartment, so my shower/tub space is pretty small, but with the curtain open, I can mostly towel off before stepping out. It’s not a long, luxurious thing where I can get completely dry, and on many an occasion I’ll go ahead and step out while dripping wet. However, usually in the shower I scrub out my hair, do a brief towel-off elsewhere, then wrap the towel around and step the sink for the rest of my daily ablutions.

The main reason that I dry off in the shower isn’t because the tub is better for water containment; it’s because having a puddle at my feet when I reach for the hair dryer freaks me out. If it’s a lazy day when I don’t care that my hair will look crazy with air drying, I don’t bother toweling off, and just walk around dripping.

My practice of many years standing: I wring out the wash-cloth, then use that to dry off (sort of) while still standing in the tub. This removes all the excess loose water.

Then, merely damp but no longer dripping wet, I step out of the tub. I might then use a towel to dry myself if the air is chilly. Otherwise, I just air-dry. Typically, I put on underclothing but not overclothing, and thus hang about in my skivvies until I have some reason to get dressed.

(Go ahead. Ask for pics! You’ll be sorry.)

ETA: I have no mat or rug or anything like that on the floor. It’s just linoleum tile. This can get really slippery when wet. So I particularly wipe the loose water off my feet before stepping out of the tub.

I do this.

But not this.

But I really started drying off in the shower during winter. I don’t take such long or hot showers that the bathroom warms up, so it’s too cold out of the shower. Drying in the warm shower is more comfortable.

I don’t squeegee off, I just wait about 10 seconds to drip dry before reaching for the towel.

On beach days I don’t dry off at all. I’ll just put on sunblock then clothes then out the door.

:smiley: Love it!

Shower stall. It’s warmer there.

I mostly dry off in the shower. My feet are dried last and I dry each just before I step out of the shower, onto the mat. Because it can be difficult to remove all the dampness in some areas (manly areas), I like to air dry for a few minutes before I tuck the boys away.

Although, I have asked my wife, if the bath mat isn’t supposed to absorb water, what is it doing on the floor next to the shower and why do we call it a bath mat?