Anyone else dry off IN the shower?

I dry in the shower if the bath mats are gone to the washpile. Otherwise, with mats, I dry in front of the sink.

I am not a fan of sopping wet bath mats or of water sprinkled everywhere. Towel off in the shower before stepping out.

As much as I can (I only have a shower stall, with no tub, so it’s a tight space). I squeeze the water out of my hair and wrap it in a towel, hand-wipe some of the excess water from my skin, wrap myself in a towel, and then get out and dry off where there’s more room. When I was little, we had a tub and I was taught to dry off before getting out, so I wouldn’t drip water everywhere.

Everyone does it, except the guy in the gym who uses the locker next to mine and comes out of the shower totally dripping wet leaving a trail back to his locker then leaving a damp spot in the carpeted floor and then dripping on my clean clothes just before he decides it’s finally time to towel off.

I towel off in the shower stall for the warmth and to avoid drips as well.

sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I like to mix it up.

I do the squeegee thing with a wash cloth, then dry off with a towel, all before stepping out of the shower. (OK, I dry my feet off as I step out, but you get the idea.)

The advantage of squeegeeing off with the wash cloth is that the towel stays fairly dry, and stays effective for drying me, all the way through the process of toweling off.


That was one of the rules when growing up.
You dry off before you step out of the tub or shower.

My mother hated house work and would have killed us if we got the bath mat all wet.

The was right up there with no drinks in the living room, no eating of popsicles, watermelon or steamed crabs in the house (that’s what picnic tables are for), take your shoes off at the front door. well we had a lot of rules designed to make her life easier.

A wet bath mat would get you in a heap of trouble.

I’m not too worried about drips on the floor; the bathmat gets hung to dry at the end of the night.

I dry off in the shower booth because the warm, humid air in there is much more comfortable when I’m wet.

My wife dries off outside of the shower. I’m pretty sure she’s the reason that lint and hair collects rapidly on the floor in that area, and that if she dried off in the shower booth (where such things get rinsed away with the next shower), we wouldn’t need to vacuum the floor nearly as often.

Well, I do, because it is the correct way. Nobody else in this house does, however.

I also hang up my towel afterword.

In shower dryer, here. It’s the logical way.

An analogous process is also useful, for the same reason, for drying the dishes.

I like to air dry a bit before I towel off, especially when it’s humid. I step out of the shower and brush my teeth before I towel off. I spend less time drying myself this way, and my skin feels less damp when I’m done. In my defense, I don’t have to share a bathroom with anybody else. It gets a lot of water on the floor, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s tile, that shit mops up in about 30 seconds. And I’ve never seen a moldy bathmat in my life.

Also, I have a small shower stall with sliding glass doors. With my shower caddy hanging up, there’s not a lot of room to maneuver without hitting the walls, and getting wet all over again. If it was a full bathtub with a shower curtain, I’d be more likely to dry off in the tub.

Semi-related question - am I the only one who stays in the bath after pulling the plug, until the water’s drained out around me, before getting out? That also minimises drippage!

When I take showers, which is only if taking a bath is not possible, I usually dry outside so I can be sure the towel won’t get wet beforehand.

When I take baths, I dry in bath but I go beyond that: I wash myself from top to bottom so my top is already slightly dry by the time my legs are done with.

I shed. A lot. If I towel off in the shower, it looks like somebody just shaved a german shepherd in there. Cleaning all the hair out of the shower is a royal pain. At least if I’m out on the bathmat, I can toss it into the laundry and sweep. Also, the vent for my bathroom is right over the bathmat, and it drips condensed water onto the bathmat, so I have to hang it up anyway, otherwise it’ll be wet all day.

Am I married to you:dubious:

I do the exact opposite - I don’t towel off at all. I wrap my hair in a ‘turbie towel’ or whatever marketing name it has now, and get into an ankle length terrycloth pullover, step out onto a bathmat and dry my feet off. Bathmat gets hung up, and I do whatever for about 15 minutes until my hair is just damp, and I am dry. Diabetics are encouraged not to roughly towel off or do anything that might cause small abrasions in damp skin. Then turbietowel and 'frood [yes, I named my pullover, what of it?] get hung up to dry for a second use, then they get washed.

Yup. Also, the inside of the shower is cozy and warm. So I hand squeegee from my shoulders to my ankles, then without opening the curtain I poke my hand out to grab my towel by feel. That way I don’t need to open the shower curtain at all. If my towel isn’t there I don’t bother with my wife’s as it is still soaked from the last shower she took.

My towel is only slightly humid after I’ve used it, the bath mat is dry, and I didn’t shiver. Winning.

Everyone except the rather large ducks who wear women’s skin at my gym. They’re like the swan women Loki stole from only in reverse. Water, water everywhere; they haz it.