Do you pee in the shower?

Because I do, and it doesn’t bother me a bit.

Now, I don’t do this in public showers, or really all that often in tub-shower combo units, but an in-home stand up shower?

You bet.

It might also help to note that I’m a guy, and therefore, I can aim it towards the drain.

How ‘bout you?

No. For the same reason I don’t bathe in my toilet.

I used to. But my shower drain tends to back up, and I’ve been unable to fix the problem recently. By the end of the shower I’m standing in three inches of water and soap suds and whatever else. Broke me of the peeing habit for good.

See? I’m not the only one, weedeater.

Besides, I’m not bathing in it, it heads down the drain, with all the other nastiness.

The shower
the sink
a beer bottle
little brother’s ear

Of course I do!
Whaddya think I am? Wierd or something?

Of course. One time I did it with my wife(now ex, I wonder why?) in the shower. I got yelled at for some reason. Even though it went straight down the drain and no pee droppings ever got on her. Women are weird. Sometimes I will pee in the shower BEFORE i get in the shower. Right next to the toilet. I do that when i’m REALLY drunk too. You dont have to aim as much. I dont pee in others bathtubs unless im showering there. I even pee’d in my church’s kitchen sink once on a dare. It was difficult to get the sink stopper out, but you do what you go to do to impress friends. Ok, most of that was probably TMI. You may now return to your poll.

I guess I’m the only one that notices that white porcelain bowl full o’ water with the lid on it before I get into the shower. Sorry, I don’t pee in the shower, but I have peed on my wife before. In bed. While she was sleeping. That’s why I don’t drink liquor anymore.

Yes, not that I can help it,
I’m handicapped from a heatstroke,
and incontinent.

absolutely! For anyone who doesn’t because you’re worried about getting pee on your feet, you’re already in the shower! Besides, I’ve heard that urine will kill foot fungus, so why not save a couple bucks otherwise spent on Dr. Scholl’s?

I think the world is divided into those who pee in the shower and those who do not. I’ve polled all of my good friends and significant others.

(and yes, I pee in the shower. Why wouldn’t I? It’s the only time I can pee standing up without making a mess!)

I do. Being on a computer all day it’s the one chance I have to practice my handwriting.

And the others… ?

Unless the drain needs cleaning i usually pee in the shower.Isn’t it the natural thing to do ?

Yep, I do. And lacking the proper equipment, I can’t even aim as carefully as some in this thread do. Hmmm - perhaps I should be disgusted at myself, but I’m not. I’m damned lazy, and it saves me a step.


I pee in the turlet. I used to pee in the shower in college, just becuse everyone decided to PIS so I had to have my urine disinfect the floor from theirs.

I don’t bathe in the toilet either…

…but when I’m in the shower it might be a lot dirtier than the toilet at times. I mean, let’s break down exactly what’s happening in there.
I’m scraping off armpit fungus.
I’m rinsing out an anus with god knows what clinging to it.
I’m massaging my scalp and flushing billions upon billions dead skin cells down the drain.
I’m shaving off the five inches of beard I grew since yesterday.
I’m doing this all with pipes that probably rusted over in the 1920s.

So yes, I pee in the shower. It probably sanitizes the damn place.

No, I don’t pee in my shower. I have, however, made a note of the fact that you don’t mind peeing in your shower.

What was your address again?

No, not weird. It’s just that we don’t want to be peed on. I don’t mind if my hubby has to break wind, but I’d prefer it if he’d move away from me first, even though gas doesn’t get on you. It’s just gross–not to mention rude.

Yes, I, a woman pee in the shower (when I’m alone, that is). :wink:

But wait! You can learn to Pee Standing Up!

I can’t do it. But then, I’ve never really tried. And yes. I pee in the shower. Heck, everything will be washed afterward, and the shower washes it down.